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Steam Boiler 20t Industrial Belarus

Recently, we learned that the city of Zhangjiakou Yuxian environment departments to carry out a special investigation of coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers have complete control of the number of the county, painstaking, and practical coal-fired boiler renovation work to ensure safe and stable environment of the area.

The action focuses on the central heating pipe network has access to the dismantling of coal-fired boiler units, still use coal-fired boiler heating key units of 18 coal quality, coal to electricity station uniform implementation of the 1001 residents of coal-fired heating boilers civilian electric boiler furnace demolition and safe usage, the main city of 39 sets of bath boiler operation of treatment facilities, boiler demolished nine agriculture-related enterprises from coal to gas and gas safety carried out a detailed examination. Unit 4 of the use of substandard coal, the filing be investigated according to law, for gas safety problems 9 agribusiness, notify the county Emergency Management Agency and the territorial towns to regulate the management of its duties, to further prevent security incidents from the source .

Therefore, to ensure a reasonable selection of boilers, paper and industrial users in the selection of the gas boiler, to note: 1, the fuel of choice to meet the environmental requirements; 2, flue gas emissions to meet local environmental policies; 3, choose energy-saving effect of a good boiler to ensure profitability;

(4) Boiler with a steaming pressure of 11.8-14.7 MPa at the outlet of the ultra-high pressure boiler. The current parameter series of power station boilers in China, the steam pressure at the outlet of the ultra-high pressure boiler is specified as 13.7 MPa, the steam outlet temperature is 540 ° C, and the minority is 555 ° C.

The boiler water is released steam boiler 20t industrial belarus is stopped, the interior dirt thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and injected into all of the treated water, and water is heated to 100 degrees Celsius, so that the water gas discharge furnace, and all valves closed. Of course, should be warned that in cold climates should not use water retention, boiler water to prevent freezing and damage to the boiler.