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harga pemasangan cerobong asap boiler pabrik

Gas harga pemasangan cerobong asap boiler pabrik fault detection and troubleshooting if there is a problem in the gas-fired boilers used in the process, then we have to detect what is faulty, and to find a solution. When gas boiler failure, we want to all parts of the boiler to check to see if you can normally use, and then repair and replacement. Check whether the gas pipeline flow; ignition solenoid valve control circuit is in good condition; ignition operation of the solenoid valves; ignition operation of the solenoid valve, valves for operation. Inspection method: gas boiler operation to the ignition, the ignition solenoid terminals was measured with a voltage of 220V, line problems excluded. Removed after firing the solenoid valve, the power, the operation of the solenoid valve back, the valve body can be visually open, after the bypass valve is forced to open the main solenoid valve, normal ignition of gas, the gas may be excluded and the ignition solenoid failure. Gas to the ignition operation of the boiler, the ignition electrode with a 220V voltage at the terminals, after disassembling the burner, ignition electrode to ignition electrode terminal line is normal, the ignition electrode negative line problems. Careful observation some fouling ignition electrode and a flame detector probe above a measurement probe with a multimeter serious interruption, whereby to determine the cause of the misfire of the furnace because the ignition electrode fouling does not result in breaking an ignition signal. Solution: grinding with gauze and flame ignition electrode surface of the detector probe until complete removal of soot, with a multimeter, not all the surface of the probe disconnection. After putting out the fire main gas valve open normal combustion, wind turn opened fire door. Fault Analysis: Gas; demolition inspection gas through the main valve, the main valve and solenoid valve can work, can work regulator relief valve, the main valve is not working properly excluded, the front and rear ends of the regulator valve can be normal pressure, maintaining stable, excluding gas fault.

The double-drum “D”type structure of SZS series harga pemasangan cerobong asap boiler pabrik

SZS series boiler adopts double drum D type structure in which the whole boiler body laid on the steel chassis. the upper and lower drums of the boiler laid horizontally, among the drums , there is a convection tube. And a coal economizer is installed at the bottom of the boiler. The membrane wall is adopted on the boiler’s front and back wall, the side wall as well as the mid feather.

Take you into the fast harga pemasangan cerobong asap boiler pabrik - condenser production

Improve thermal efficiency of the condenser is one of the important component parts of the gas boiler, high temperature flue gas discharged from the tail of the boiler operation, but also has a lot of heat, with the condenser can then absorb the waste heat boiler flue gas emissions in the flue gas and the appearance of the inside heat boilers are utilized to achieve high thermal efficiency beyond the ordinary gas boiler, fuel cost savings for the enterprise; the exhaust gas temperature at the same time is also greatly reduced, too.

Such as hotel Home Hotel Group is one of the three major brands, in 300 cities in the country has nearly 2,000 hotels. Home Inns has won China Golden Pillow Award for Best Chinese economy hotel chain brand award, in 2014, Home Inns brand value of $ 420 million of selected China's top 100 brands. April 4, 2016, BTG hotel groups such as the privatization of the hotel purchase transaction has been completed delivery. In mid-2016, as a Beijing hotel with our preliminary communication, the urgent need two harga pemasangan cerobong asap boiler pabriks work of heating and hot water supply. I related technical engineers and recommend it to calculate the number and size of the boiler on the hotel room as hotel Willy sharp V6-99 two models.