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slideshare net pichaichaibam cfb boiler basic design

15 tph series gas-fired water tube slideshare net pichaichaibam cfb boiler basic design project for paper industryThe production of paper products requires the processing of steam heat sources. Therefore, the performance of steam boilers will directly affect the output and quality of paper products. Sichuan Shubang Industry Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of household paper, high-strength corrugated paper and tuck board. The company has nine advanced production lines and is one of the top ten enterprises of the papermaking industry in Sichuan Province.According to the market demand and the continuous expansion of production scale, Shubang Industry decided to build a new tissue paper production line and introduce safe and efficient boilers with excellent environmental protection performance. In the fierce bidding process, ZOZEN stood out from other bidders with excellent product performance and after-sales service, and finally cooperated with Shubang Industry. The SZS series boiler that won the bid is ZOZEN's environmentally friendly product. The large furnace design is combined with international advanced low NOx burner to achieve a NOx content less than 30mg/m³ in boiler flue gas emissions; The combustion chamber adopts narrow pitch tube membrane water-cooled wall, which has good air tightness, the boiler is also equipped with an energy-saving device at the tail of the flue to enable the thermal efficiency be as high as 98%; In addition, the high temperature zone of the boiler body adopts forced circulation to ensure reliable cooling of each part of the heating surface and prevent vaporization. The layout of the explosion-proof door and flame detector ensures the safety and reliability of the boiler operation.

Where pressure hot water slideshare net pichaichaibam cfb boiler basic design pressure hot water boiler with a different point in?

1, boiler pressure hot water boiler heating system is pressure equipment, with a risk of explosion. Pressure hot water boiler heating system boiler pressure is not always open to atmosphere. The boiler will not explode in any case, good safety performance.

2, pressure hot water boiler to be fitted with pressure gauges, water level gauge and thermometer only pressure hot water boiler, boiler due to the atmosphere, the pressure pot is always atmospheric pressure, there is no risk of explosion, without having to install a pressure gauge.

3, circulating pump pressure hot water boiler heating system is pumping systems engineering backwater sent to the boiler, water pump is generally used. Minutes circulation system to overcome the resistance, but also to maintain the boiler there is a certain pressure to ensure that water does not pan evaporation at high temperatures. Circulating pump pressure hot water boiler heating system is pumping water from the pot, heat pumps are pumps, its role is to overcome the resistance of the system, mainly to overcome the resistance of the valve regulating backwater.

4, pressure hot water boiler can not only supply low-temperature water, but also to supply high-temperature water. Pressure hot water boiler can supply low temperature water <100 ℃ of.

Fast slideshare net pichaichaibam cfb boiler basic design is in Anyang City, scientific and technological innovation high bar business, we already heard. After this cooperation really deserved reputation, since the boiler to provide us with a self-running, never malfunction or accident. It comes with a complete remote monitoring service, eliminating our worries. --customer feedback

What condensing slideshare net pichaichaibam cfb boiler basic design water scale hazardous due to the condensing boiler is located in a different region. There are differences in the water hardness. When high chloride content and sulfate in water, in the condensing boiler as the water will continue to evaporate, so that they go beyond the limits of its saturation concentration is precipitated, and the drum, adhering deposition of water wall, and gradually form hard , insoluble in water scale. Multi scale deposited within the drum and the heating surface of the water wall, causing great harm to the condensing boiler and its operation. The main harm is done to scale: (1) scale is a poor conductor, its thermal conductivity is 1/5 of steel, the scale will affect the heating surface thermal conductivity. The increased thermal resistance due to heat caused by fuel waste, reduce the thermal efficiency. (2) due to the poor thermal conductivity of scale, fuel combustion heat is not well transferred to the water by the metal surface, resulting in the metal heating surface temperature increases overheating, reducing the structural strength of metal, and causing the drum is deformed Wall table, drum kits, tube wall section is reduced, which can result in poor circulation can not even over the water and cause water wall tube burn accidents, severe cases can lead to burst pipes. (3) When people using a chemical or mechanical cleaning descaling, will cause corrosion of the metal of the inner wall injury or reduce the life of condensing boiler.