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hot water boiler in manali

what is boiler pressure?

The boiler pressure usually referred to in the boiler industry means the force perpendicular to the unit wall area of the vessel, generally expressed as "Mpa", and can also be expressed in terms of "psi", "bar", "kgf/c㎡" and "atm". A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion heat to be transferred into water until it becomes heated water or steam. The hot water or steam under pressure is then usable for transferring the heat to a process. When water is boiled into steam its volume increases about 1,600 times, producing a force that is almost as explosive as gunpowder. This causes the boiler to be extremely dangerous equipment that must be treated with utmost care.

Main steam valve should be installed near the outlet of the drum or header of the superheater. Main steam valve vertical shell boiler may be installed in the boiler room to facilitate local operations. On each steam boilers and steam pipes connected to main pipe, two gate valves shall be installed, should be fitted with a valve and open to the atmosphere between the trap valve, the inner diameter> 18mm.

Directly under the Central Government Offices Administration (referred to as the straight Authority) is the CPC Central Committee and subordinate units, are responsible for the CPC Central Committee and services for the organs and services, an important function of serving the people. Central Government institutions funds, finance, public service vehicles, the state-owned assets and real estate management, service management is responsible for the specified life of the party and state leaders as well as services related objects.

By the end of 2010, unit capacity of 300,000 kilowatts and above thermal power accounted for 60% of the total thermal power capacity. "Great pressure on small" thermal power industry also contributed to the development of power plant boiler high-parameter, large capacity direction. In addition, circulating fluidized bed, IGCC and other clean coal technology matures, applications are increasingly widespread, so as to promote the development of CFB boiler and IGCC gasifier.