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5000kg heating surface of boiler

Natural gas 5000kg heating surface of boiler and environmental good match is the basic guarantee stable operation of the boiler system. Before you buy into a suitable gas-fired, we must first understand the various parameters of the interface where the boiler system, such as a heat value of the size, pipe size, area of ​​the space available, etc., matches the environmental conditions of the boiler. Second, natural gas boiler proper operation according to a command

Simple once-through 5000kg heating surface of boiler configuration, there is no bulky drum, the downcomer may be used or less, but the evaporator heating surface within which the working fluid flows discharged power can provide natural circulation, the pump needs to be borne by all.

Multiple protection fuel steam 5000kg heating surface of boiler is to ensure that the boiler safe will fuel steam boiler multiple protection is to ensure the safety of boiler necessary condition for people in the use of fuel steam boiler products, the most concerned about security issues, while fuel steam boiler made some in terms of security effort, let's look at multiple protection fuel steam boilers. Set in the boiler water gauge, indicating inconsistencies found, simply amended to ensure that the actual water level. Meanwhile, water also has an impact rod, water can be more accurately acquired signals, and to send an alarm signal in time. Selecting a high-sensitivity pressure controller, different signals to different pressures, and gain control, automatic protection. Single fire and can also be adjusted according to actual situation dual fire. Multiple protection to protect a certain extent, the safety of users, eliminating the need for users to unnecessary trouble to solve the needs of users from the fundamental.

It is reported that Jinjiang City of Fujian Province will be fully started tackling air pollution prevention and control work, Market Authority as a proactive, Take Measures to promote coal-fired 5000kg heating surface of boiler renovation work.

Market Authority through three initiatives to further improve the environmental air treatment Jinjiang City, Jinjiang create "blue sky": strict criteria, the better the mark.

Actively cooperate with environmental protection, by letter and other relevant departments, coal-fired boilers do not meet environmental policy, shall not start to inform, Supervision, Inspection and registration certificate for the use of strict coal-fired boilers access gateway, departmental interaction, ensure its effectiveness.

Strengthen communication and coordination with environmental protection, by letter and other related departments and Towns, a solid job of remediation coal-fired boilers, out of work.

Combined area of ​​gas supply, heating pipe network coverage, and vigorously promote the use of natural gas, electricity and other clean energy, and take the way government subsidies, coal-fired boiler to remove their push to ensure the prevention and control of atmospheric achieve results.

Step up publicity services in place. Organization of the market supervision area of ​​propaganda out of coal-fired boilers policy of the increase, according to the sense of service, "a visit to promote a" do a good job guidance subsidies, removal and cancellation of work, and guide to remove their coal-fired boilers, and required to apply for removal of cancellation.