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Hot water kettle boilers smoke pipe severe corrosion damage analysis during hot water boiler running, replace the boiler pressure parts and scrapped due to severe corrosion problems caused also often occur, then this situation should be how to deal with it? the reason hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to: (1) boiler water does not go through water treatment, water is not compliance, coupled with improper cleanup, debris attached to the pipe wall, scaling and corrosion phenomena. (2) around the smoke tube because the water flow rate is too low, can not be precipitated by heating water circulating oxygen bubbles discharged from the furnace with timely inevitably adhered to the metal wall of the smoke tube, so that the increase in dissolved oxygen around the metal wall and the metal wall in the end and can continue to create favorable conditions play a role. Remedy: 1. strengthen management in accordance with the provisions of heating systems, to maximize the construction of water leakage, ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler. 2. boiler water should strictly comply with state standards for water softening treatment, before use standards. 3. Design hot water boiler should try to choose the appropriate flow rate for each cycle of the furnace. In short, for hot water boiler smoke pipe serious corrosion damage to the phenomenon, to be timely normative operation process, and can not be sloppy, process boilers used simultaneously performed, with particular attention to these points, standardize operations, precautionary measures in the first place.

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Fangkuai Company has a fully-automatic PLC intelligent control system designed and developed by itself with complete intellectual property rights. It adopts a combination of mechatronic control equipment and a programmable logic controller (PLC). Take the advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) as the "central processing unit" of the control system. The control system is operated through the touch screen, which greatly improves the degree of automatic control and operation reliability of the kettle boilers, and the operation is simpler and more intuitive.

20 tons of gas steam kettle boilers has the following characteristics:

1, the condensing boiler technology advanced, the potential for secondary flue gas heat absorption, and more energy-saving effect is significantly higher thermal efficiency;

2, water treatment, water pumps, valves and other auxiliary instruments disposed are famous manufacturers of equipment, the quality and after-sales are guaranteed;

3, boiler control systems for the fast boiler self-developed PLC touch screen controller, intelligent control of boiler, more flexible;

4, the boiler overall total of more than 10 monitoring probes for water level, pressure, temperature has a clear control, once the abnormal failure, the alarm system starts immediately, fireman timely reminder to troubleshoot the situation.