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company china build boiler for power plant indonesia

Steam company china build boiler for power plant indonesia brand so much, how should you choose? I have to say the past two years because of environmental issues, large and small boiler plants are beginning to make improvements after another, producing boilers, following small series to teach you a few precautions purchase, hoping to help you. Steam boiler brand so much, how should choose purchase Notes:? 1. Look manufacturers qualifications and strength. This is a very critical issue, boiler belong to special equipment, not authorized qualified countries, is not allowed to manufacture the boiler, if this proposal is to buy a large boiler, be sure to site visits to manufacturers, to prevent the bite. 2. Look at the structure of the boiler. For a mature producer, its structure is very reasonable, depending on whether it is simple to operate. 3. Look boiler appearance of the material, because this device look forward to the president in a dark place, if the material is not good, the appearance of a long time will rust, it will affect the efficiency of the boiler. 4. See Pressure. Currently the state more than 30 liters of boiler water level belong to special equipment, if you do not want to go to filing the annual inspection, then select the number of boilers, have to look at its water capacity is more than 30L. 5. Look above the boiler safety components is perfect. Three security component included in general boiler safety valve, level gauge, pressure gauge. Indispensable.

Fangkuai Group adopts the concept of “moulding character and creating high-quality products”, and continues to research and continuously improve the technological content of products to get closer to users. With the mission of “creating convenient and fast company china build boiler for power plant indonesia high-quality products for users”, it uses remote monitoring, APP, and active return visits. And other channels to provide users with convenient and efficient services; with the core values of "professionalism, lean work" as the core value, established an effective enterprise management system, adopted ISO9001 quality management system, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management System certification; and cultivated a large number of high-quality employees with norms of behavior, professionalism, and continuous commitment to provide customers with more convenient and efficient services.

Rice husk fired company china build boiler for power plant indonesia for sale in ZG boiler is a type chain grate boiler and it mainly uses rice husk as its fuels. With the development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirement to the environment, rice husk as a type biomass fuel, is with high efficiency and low pollution and it has been widely used in biomass fired boiler.

Use steam company china build boiler for power plant indonesia pressure gauge should pay attention to the following items: 1, rated steam pressure is less than 2.45MPa steam boiler, pressure gauge accuracy must not be both 2. 5; Rated steam pressure large or equal to 2.45MPa boiler, pressure must not be less than 1. 5 class. The dial diameter of the pressure gauge shall not be less than 100 mm to ensure that the operator can see the surface pressure indication clearly. 2. A red line should be drawn on the pressure dial of the steam boiler pressure gauge, indicating the maximum allowable working pressure. 3. Steam boiler pressure gauges should be installed in places that are easy to observe and rinse, and should be protected from the shadows of high temperatures, freezes and vibrations Ring. 4, steam boiler pressure gauge should be checked at least once every six months, after calibration should be sealed. 5, steam boiler pressure gauge connection pipe should not leak, steam leakage phenomenon, otherwise will reduce the pressure indicator value. 6. The range of the steam boiler pressure gauge shall be adapted to the working pressure of the measured components, usually 1.5 times of the working pressure, preferably 2 times of the working pressure. Steam boiler does not have a pressure gauge, the pressure gauge is damaged or the installation of the pressure gauge does not meet the requirements, steam boiler pressure gauge should be stopped when one of the following: 1, broken surface glass or dial calibration unclear; 2, no lead seal, lead seal damage or Beyond the calibration period; 3, when there is no pressure, the pressure gauge pointer of the finite pin cannot be restored to the limit pin, and the data of the infinite position gauge pointer deviating from the zero position exceeds the pressure coat allowed? Poor; 4, gas leak or pointer jump in the meter; 5, other defects that affect the accuracy of the gauge.