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35 ton bagasse fired boiler

The most important thing is to be sure to choose an excellent quality, good reputation, brand high-end professional 35 ton bagasse fired boiler manufacturers.

After the 35 ton bagasse fired boiler put into use, such as the hotel responsible person to give us feedback: fast boiler advanced product design, simple and intuitive operation, the most critical is energy saving, low NOx emissions, can be used in the Beijing area. Compared with other boiler brands, fast Boiler made us worry. --customer feedback

Energy crisis is an urgent demand changes in industrial structure

A long time, China's energy utilization structure focused mainly on fossil fuels such as coal, according to the industrial coal-fired boilers branch of China electrical equipment industry association survey, with 470,000 units of coal-fired industrial coal-fired boilers, consume 400 million tons of standard coal annually, accounting for one-fourth of the total coal consumption in China. However, the average coal-fired industrial boiler operation efficiency of only about 65%, this indicator 15%-20% lower than the advanced international level.

Budget 35 ton bagasse fired boiler investment: 1, furnace boiler can use a higher thermal load, then reduce the volume of the furnace. Since the heating surface contamination, slagging, wear is not a problem, it is possible to use a higher-speed cigarette, to reduce the scale of the convection heating surface. After a reasonable settlement control convection, so that the capacity of the gas boiler with coal-fired boiler more compact layout, small scale, light weight, significant reduction in equipment investment; 2, boiler soot blowers do not need equipment, dust, slag and fuel drying apparatus dry equipment under etc; 3, using gas boiler pipe conveyed as fuel, no fuel storage facility. Before incineration is no fuel supply processing preparation device, the system was greatly simplified;