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Manufacturing Companies Boiler 20t Uzbekistan

Business issues to be considered in the selection manufacturing companies boiler 20t uzbekistan summarized as follows: 1, the enterprise itself how much heat for steam and hot water needs heating or heating in the production process. 2, steam boilers or hot water parameter parameter. 3, analysis of the relationship between steam boiler and hot water boiler selection. 4. Select the boiler furnace industry. 5, a coal burning boiler. 6, other dimensions, such as load changes. 1, how to determine the capacity and the number of boilers: how to determine when to buy boiler boiler capacity is an important issue. In general should be determined according to the boiler output or capacity of the production process or heating steam consumption and living area with heat for hot water needs. First, the user wants to find out the total load range; peak followed, including the duration of the peak load, peak frequency, which is cyclical peaks occur, for example, the peak number of occurrences per month, week, month and year in winter and summer differences. Find out the peak and the total load need be considered after the device capacity and the number of units selected. Should also be considered when selecting the amount of spare accident shutdown problem. Generally it refers to an amount of a standby spare boiler. It needs to be determined based on the user's own importance, if the production and use on the higher continuity requirements must seriously consider the issue of spare equipment.

Fast one side condensing steam manufacturing companies boiler 20t uzbekistan complete protection, safe and reliable, more than 10 kinds detector guard, round protection boiler safety; proprietary condenser can maximize thermal efficiency, low environmental discharge; Chinese full touch control interface, let operational status at a glance; the use of ND steel and steel and aluminum hybrid materials greatly extend the life of the boiler.

1. When conditions manufacturing companies boiler 20t uzbekistan steam boiler before use, be sure to check the internal parts of the steam boiler, such as steam pipes and water gauge pressure gauge and the like whether it is safe in good condition, the water for steam boiler must have been after softening treatment, be sure to keep the water clean, must not contain oils job. For steam boiler safety valve must not be arbitrary regulation, to ensure the best extent possible, this does not require adjustment at any time. The exterior of the product should always be clean. 2. In the process of boosting the use of a steam boiler, be sure to check the valve is not sensitive, but need to check the height of the water level, you need to remember to keep the water level at two-thirds of the water table position, which is very important is too high or too low are not allowed, otherwise there is a risk of explosion, if steam boiler furnace has found that red-hot phenomenon, should stop using immediately for steam boilers, because in this case if continue to use the steam boiler, it is very easy to damage the steam boiler products. 3. At the same time when using steam boilers, steam boilers should always pay attention to maintaining internal and external cleaning, be sure to do maintenance work on a series of steam boilers.

(3) The manufacturing companies boiler 20t uzbekistan with a steam pressure of 7.84 - 10.8 MPa at the outlet of the high pressure boiler. The current parameter series of power station boilers in China, the outlet steam pressure of high pressure boiler is 9.81 MPa, and the outlet steam temperature is 540 °C.