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However, due to environmental advantages of natural gas, making it a growing proportion of the use of primary energy, supply and demand and the law of value is bound to the country to take action, and other primary energy price fluctuations linked to the situation. In addition, the shortage of natural gas and pipeline construction in some areas also affect incomplete reasons for its further promotion. On the whole, the use of gas-fired ddf boiler manufacturer more good than harm, to promote the use of gas-fired boiler is still the trend. Fast boiler as a professional production of gas boiler supplier, has 20 years of experience, APEC meeting in 2014 of the whole country venues of low nitrogen gas boiler provides a fast boiler in the field of research and manufacturing gas-fired boiler, which is the domestic first put to use low nitrogen gas boiler, gas boiler for technical innovation has made outstanding contributions.

Guide Reading: July 27th, 2015, Sri Lanka customer visit ZG Boiler factory.

At 27th July, 2015, Sri Lanka customer visit ZG Boiler factory, The General manager Mr Yang arrange this meeting and receiving the visitors. At earlier time, ZG got the customer’s requirements of industrial boilers, They want boiler using chemical industry to get power and high temperature steam. After several communication by mail and phone. The customer decided to visit us.

Gas ddf boiler manufacturer full of water occurs, the occurrence of how to deal with gas boiler filled water, a high level alarm will sound an alarm level signal, beginning with the water vapor, decreased steam quality, increased salinity, superheated steam temperature drops. Severe full of water, or even furnace water into the steam line, steam line caused water hammer occurs, resulting in a serious impact to the boiler. When full of water for the boiler this situation occurs, fast Boiler summarize the following knowledge points, for your reference. First, the phenomenon when the boiler is full of water 1, the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; 2, steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; 3, turbine or steam pipes water hammer; 4, the normal water flow is not greater than the steam flow. Second, a full water Boiler feed water is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; 2, or drum set on the safety valve steam header, resulting in up water or with water; 3, ultra-evaporation boiler load more, happens priming. Third, the full boiler water treatment 1, boiler steam pressure and water pressure to normal, while the drum water level rises, exceeds + 50mm, should take the following measures: wash drum were compared with the two water gauge to check their instructions are correct. Water supply from the automatic to manual adjustment, and shut off the manual door small total feedwater adjusted to reduce the amount of water to the door. 2, if After the treatment, the inner drum water level is still rising, exceeds + 75mm, the following measures should be: open the door for emergency drain drum should be put to the normal water level water level shut down immediately. The steam temperature condition, turn down or turn off desuperheating water door, door open and main steam superheater tubes hydrophobic hydrophobic gate. 3, when the boiler full of treated water drum water level continues to rise, and exceeded the upper drum level table when the water level is visible, the need for emergency shutdown, as soon as possible with the main pipe splitting, immediately stop the water, recycled to open doors, to strengthen boiler drain, and note the emergence of drum water level gauge upper water level, the water level to be put to the normal level after closing. After the normal Standby furnace, obtain professional fireman who consent, it may furnace stoked operation. 4, such as the water level in the steam drum water level tables invisible, not in time, should take the following measures: wash drum were compared with the two water gauge, check if the indication is correct. Full drum water level tables turn on the water door, turn on the water and then slowly close its doors, as there is water in the water table appears, and water levels continue to rise full of tables full of water and has not been proven boiler water level gauge steam over the side of the tube, press the emergency shutdown process. Open the door turn on the water table level, and slow to close its doors after the turn on the water, the water level in the water table invisible. To prove a serious full of water, soda and then close the door, turn on the water to open the door, the water level of the water table memory after the release to do, turn on the water shut the door immediately. Ajar quickly and valve inner water table level occurs, and filled with water, before this time has exceeded the determination level of the steam drum level side through the tube sheet, emergency shutdown should be treated as soon as possible and the manifold splitting. When the water level in the boiler accident occurs, it is difficult to judge if the water level should be shutdown immediately. After a boiler shutdown called water method called water, check the water level in the drum.

Our preliminary investigation when the other side is very interested in fast ddf boiler manufacturer, a number of fast-party research and development as well as outstanding patent cases in all industry sectors, we have confidence in each other quickly this brand. After the cooperation, but also the strength and each staff fully aware of the fast boiler of a good attitude, and cooperation in the box, very at ease. --customer feedback