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boiler for pulp equipment

Three low-nitrogen sense boiler for pulp equipments With the rapid economic development, the state of the older more attention to environmental protection, small and medium enterprises are also the major change of thinking in the development of their industrial economy, began to focus production on the surrounding environment caused by influence, so most high-polluting enterprises will switch from an ordinary boiler boiler has a low nitrogen good eco-friendly. Companies use low nitrogen boiler equipment to the country, for business, for society, are of very great significance, mainly in three aspects: 1. low-nitrogen environment - help people to survive all kinds of harmful gas emissions from the production process more and more, leading to increasing your chances of illness, for some businesses use boiler production, the use of low nitrogen boiler equipment to be the best environmentally friendly manner, only companies began to pay attention to environmental protection, in order to protect the environment, thus creating livable ecosystem. 2. Push the boiler industry with technological change, the increasing popularity of low-nitrogen boiler equipment, boiler equipment user ever higher demands, which prompted manufacturers to invest more in research and development of human and financial resources in order to continue to improve existing processes, and research and development more equipment to adapt to the type of market demand. 3. To improve the competitiveness of products - inexpensive in order to meet the diverse needs of the market, with the continuous improvement of production processes, low nitrogen boiler manufacturers will continue to introduce new equipment more competitive each year, with the increase in low nitrogen boiler manufacturers, war boiler equipment market competition gradually transformed into prices, low nitrogen boiler from the network new offer related recommendation is easy to see the various manufacturers price war is still continuing, the user in this bidding war from the heat became final beneficiaries - You can choose the most quality products through lower prices. With the binding of awakening national consciousness and national policies to strengthen the state's environmental agencies and inspection growing. The growing popularity of low nitrogen boiler equipment (especially after the pure imported low-carbon boiler burner, the higher its environmental index), which greatly ensure the people's living environment of harmful gases is not excessive, will help enterprises towards the positive direction , with the increase of manufacturers, product prices are more close to the people. As technology continues to improve, low-carbon boiler will bring more far-reaching significance for the human, social and environmental.

After years of efforts, the overall governance of Beijing's total coal consumption has achieved initial results. By the end of 2017, all of the total coal consumption of 4.85 million tons, accounting for only 5.6% of the city's total coal consumption, coal-fired completed three years ahead of "Thirteen Five" energy development plan period proposed control in less than five million tons The goal.

By 2013 to 2017 for five consecutive years to promote the work Yajian coal, Beijing successfully completed the first phase of the "Yajian based" Yajian coal work, go to "run mainly to protect", established clean energy use long-term mechanism to combat second phase coal-fired rebound. Beijing's total coal consumption in the future will be long-term control in less than 4.2 million tons, coal is mainly used for urban hazardous waste incineration, energy and protect the city safe operation of remote mountain villages Beijing winter heating three aspects.

As of last heating season, heating central heating proportion of clean energy in Beijing has reached 98%, in addition to parts of Pinggu and Yanqing, Miyun three zones as well as six coal-fired heating boiler room, other regions have achieved heating boilers no Coal.

This year, Beijing will complete the rural village 450 villages, the villagers coal public spaces and 53,000 square meters of agricultural facilities Zizhong change clean energy work, and strive to complete the Yanqing east of central heating central heating fuel in pre-season coal boiler clean energy transformation, in an orderly coal-fired heating center south of Yanqing, Pinggu Riverside, Xinggu, Miyun Taishi Tuen urban and non-built-up areas boiler clean energy transformation.

In addition, this year, Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Industries will start coal-fired facilities clean energy transformation, and continue to consolidate six districts of the city, the southern plains "No Coal" results have been achieved on the area of ​​clean energy transformation, embargo, ban, ban save bulk coal, to prevent rebound.

Speed ​​up the construction of clean energy facilities, Beijing will work to enhance the rural town of Plains gas pipeline network construction, improve rural consumption of clean energy supply security capacity, promote Plains natural gas pipeline "through town." In the gas network facilities are relatively weak areas, speed up the liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas supply facilities, increase the supply capacity of natural gas distribution in rural areas. At the same time, we continue to promote the 2018 "from coal to gas," "coal to electricity" supporting gas engineering and construction of power transmission project, to meet the full 2018-- coal to clean energy by 2019 energy demand for the heating season.

Constantly advancing ZG boiler for pulp equipment

In such an ever-changing era, it is an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises. Many of the former big companies were left ruthlessly by time because they could not keep up with the times. ZG boiler has been in existence for more than 70 years and is moving towards becoming a century-old company that is most trusted by customers in the boiler industry. In the past 70 years, ZG boiler has been advancing more and more, and it has become increasingly powerful under the polishing of time.

Many customers prior to purchase gas steam boiler for pulp equipment, does not know how to express some of the basic parameters of the boiler, each alphanumeric represents what it means. Today small Henan fast boiler would we explain the argument about 1 tons of gas boiler steam: 1, evaporation: long-term continuous operation of the boiler in the premise of ensuring safety, the number of generated steam per hour, called boiler evaporation, may also be referred to as "output" or "capacity", commonly used unit is "t / h" (t / h). Rated evaporation, refers boiler fuel species design, and operation at the design parameters, i.e. at a predetermined quality of steam (pressure, temperature) and a certain thermal efficiency, long-term continuous operation, the amount of steam produced per hour . The new boiler at the factory, the amount of evaporation on the nameplate marked, refers to the rated boiler evaporation of this. 2, pressure: uniform vertical force acting on the object surface, called the pressure, in units of "Newton (N)", is represented by the last kgf (kgf). 1 kg = 9.81 Newtons force. Vertical uniformly acting on the pressure per unit area of ​​the object, called the pressure, in units of megapascals (MPa). On the habits, often referred to as the pressure of the pressure, so the pressure mentioned in this book, in fact, should be pressure. Design pressure in the boiler, based on the geometry of the pressure member and the strength of the metal material used and the mechanical characteristics and other conditions, is calculated according to the relevant national standards promulgated by the strength of the individual pressure elements are calculated respectively, and then selects one from It can withstand the pressure of the lowest value, as this boiler maximum allowable working pressure. Boiler design working pressure but also said that "Rated outlet steam pressure." 3, steam temperature: indicates the degree of cold objects referred to as "temperature", the internal temperature of the object has a reflection mode energy, the higher the temperature, the greater the energy. Stated boiler steam temperature of the metal plate, that is marked in degrees Celsius. For small boilers, mostly use steam from the upper portion of the main steam valve drum directly drawn, the steam temperature, refers to a saturated steam temperature at the boiler operating pressure air consumption: 1 ton gas steam boiler gas consumption calculated as follows: 1, the thermal efficiency of the boiler 95%; 2, a fuel heating value is 8600Kcal / m³; 3, total output of the boiler was 600,000 Kcal; 4, air consumption of the boiler = 600,000 Kcal ÷ 8600Kcal / m³ ÷ 95% = 73.44 m³;