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2.8MW gas-fired thermal oil heater project in MauritiusWith outstanding advantages of quality and performance, ZOZEN thermal oil heaters have established a good reputation in the international markets. Recently, ZOZEN YQW series thermal oil heaters gained favor of SOTRATECH in Mauritius. SOTRATECH is an energy company engaged in rational utilization and sustainable development of energy, and it is committed to providing users with systematic energy solutions. This time SOTRATECH undertook a major project of a local textile mill. An energy-efficient thermal oil heater has a direct impact on the quality of the whole project, which provides heat energy for dying, printing, drying and other product progresses in textile industry. Therefore, SOTRATECH was very careful in the selection of the thermal oil heater. SOTRATECH ultimately chose ZOZEN as its thermal oil heater supplier after a series of comparative studies. The director of SOTRATECH expressed that ZOZEN thermal oil heater featured advanced production technology and strict inspection, which fully ensured the quality and performance. After learning the actual condition of the project, ZOZEN provided SOTRATECH with a set of 2.8MW YQW series gas-fired thermal oil heater. The heat exchange surface of the thermal oil heater adopts multi-loop round coil tube structure, which features high security, sufficient heating surface and high thermal efficiency. The waste heat chain stocker boiler, air pre-heater and economizer are installed on the tails of the thermal oil heater to effectively save energy and reduce consumption.

Gas steam chain stocker boilers and hot water boilers have what a difference, the most important is that different products: hot water boiler manufacturing certain standard of hot water; gas steam boiler manufacturing refers to a certain standard of water vapor. Second, a slight difference on the aid: the case of hot water boiler with a circulating pump, gas steam boiler is not required; gas steam boiler dial gauge with water, hot water boiler is not required; gas steam boiler with partial cylinder, hot water boiler the water tank and the like; three, boiler production, the installation process, a boiler, gas boiler steam stability little more demanding. Fourth, the key is different purposes, gas boiler for producing steam temperature high pressure water vapor is used as the thermal aspect, textiles, etc. In medicine, because steam is produced, so that the pressurized container, and a boiler installation procedure unconditionally comply with relevant laws and manufacture of pressure hot water boiler is hot, not a pressure vessel.

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Water pipeline gas chain stocker boiler gas boiler solutions often applied to colleges, hotels, guesthouses and some of crowded places, in the course of its pipeline water shortages will occur, we are faced with this phenomenon should be promptly resolved to find fault then, the following gave us a presentation device piping water solution: 1, the pump for a long time because there is no lock ① If the input voltage water pump, it may not turn to lock, unscrew the slotted screws on the pump, with the word screwdriver to move the pump shaft, the pump rotor is rotated can be restored to normal. ② If the pump is not locked and, for the water pump burned with a multimeter to detect open or short water pump, water pump replacement. 2, the pump power supply line with a multimeter detecting ① off gas boiler pump output power is normal, the contact is good. ② If the controller does not have an output voltage that is out of order, replace the controller. ③ off to re-engage good, bad contact to make good contact on the replacement of lead wire is disconnected. ④ If the controller output voltage, no power pump connector is off, the contact wire is disconnected or not. Gas boiler pipe water shortages more common occurrence, we only know the cause of the malfunction in order to better solve the problem, if this problem occurs again we can first find fault according to the phenomenon and make a resolve to reduce the damage to the equipment.