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water boiler srz a 3

Pressure hot water boiler srz a 3 plant to teach you how to distinguish atmospheric pressure boiler and daily life, people often confuse the pressure hot water boilers and pressure hot water boilers, difficult to discern. In fact, some operators in the industry are nothing more than completely clear detail the differences between the two, let alone teach other people how to identify pressure, pressure hot water boiler and point out both their own characteristics. Below, small series will be divided into three o'clock teach you distinguish the difference between the two. First, look at the structure of constraints pressure hot water boiler on the structural parameters of the issue, compared with pressure hot water boiler much simpler. Unlike the structure of the pressure in the boiler strictly limited boiler capacity, parameters, mounting position, etc., only reasonable pressure hot water boiler heating surface arrangement, water circulation to ensure reliable basis, little limitation on the structure, may be large degree design, construction and installation according to actual needs of users, more flexible and convenient. This is the pressure hot water boiler then more and more important reason for the user's favorite move. Second, look at the furnace pressure changes in pressure hot water boilers and pressure boilers biggest difference lies in the pressure. Even the low-cost pressure hot water boiler, the furnace pressure hot water is always consistent with the atmospheric pressure does not change as the temperature changes; the contrary, because of the pressure boiler furnace and water system is closed containers and piping components will naturally follow with increasing water temperature changes. See changes in pressure in the furnace is a more intuitive way to distinguish between the two. Third, look professional level control problems because the supply pressure hot water boiler is not operating pressure, the pressure in order to achieve operation of the boiler circulating pump inlet and the outlet is connected to the suction hot water in the heating boiler to a user, users return pipe and boiler water inlet necklace, equal to the amount of water into the water. Thus, pressure hot water boiler water level control problems still top box connected to an opening in the drum full of water, the water level control problems. The pressure hot water boiler water level control is no problem, which is one of two significant differences. In summary, the difference between the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler and hot water boiler mainly in furnace pressure changes, whether the water level under control and whether there are structural limitations in three areas. In fact, the difference between the two is far more than that, they are there is a difference in terms of service life, water supply, safety performance, if you carefully study will certainly find many differences, after contrast, I believe it will not hesitate to choose pressure hot water boiler.

The national energy structure adjustment, from coal to gas project forward, is the rapid development and expansion of the square boiler new opportunities across the Group to seize the opportunity, affirmative action, optimize processes, increase R & D efforts, to provide users with high-quality products and services. In recent years, according to the environmental needs of the launch of condensing gas boiler, FGR gas boiler, Ultra Low NOx premix gas boiler, condensing water tube boilers, Ultraten wings hot water boiler srz a 3 technology in the market caused no small response, unanimously users praise. Fast boiler pace of development of the industry attention, which not only benefited greatly enhance quality, quality, brand recognition, but also benefit from the application of innovative technology products, but also reflects the fast Boiler Group's management and technical team building self-improvement and beyond.

How to reduce the noise generated by the gas boiler operation: China's "People's Republic of China Noise Pollution Prevention Law" provides that the noise emission of more than specified by the manufacturer, and interfere with the normal life of others is strictly prohibited. Note also that the boiler equipment, reduce noise pollution.

First, wet maintenance 1, generally applicable to the shutdown period not exceeding one month of maintenance. 2, shutdown after the stipulated time exhausted furnace water, scale, slag, ash clean and clear. 3. Close all manholes, hand holes, valves, etc., and the boiler is completely isolated. 4, the resist solution prepared by passing an alkaline demineralized water, boiler water was added per ton of sodium hydroxide Na (OH) 8kg ~ 10kg, plus or sodium carbonate (NaC03) 20kg, plus or sodium (Na2P03) 20kg. 5, with special care and pump the prepared alkaline solution into the boiler. 6, when the protection solution is injected into all the open valve to the qualified demineralized water filled boiler, until the water overflows from the air valve, and then closing the air valve and the supply valve to open a dedicated pump cycle, a uniform mixed solution. 7, during the entire maintenance, should be periodically maintained with Weihuo drying oven outer heating surface, periodically turn the pump cycle, the concentration of the solution was consistent throughout, but also regularly take the solution assay and the replenishment solution, the PH value of the solution was ~ 10 between 12 to ensure that the alkalinity boiler water. 8, in the winter to take appropriate measures freezing. Second, the maintenance of a dry, apply a long shutdown period, usually for more than a month, especially in summer to disable heating and hot water boiler srz a 3. 2, after the shutdown, the boiler water exhausted, clearly soot scale furnace, and the heating surface of the slag. 3, the choice of an appropriate amount of drying agent: anhydrous calcium chloride and commonly used desiccant quicklime. 4, off the boiler supply pipe, water supply, the valve on the outfall, or blocked by the separator Yan, completely isolated from the other operation of the boiler. 5, open manhole, hand hole, the boiler naturally dried if wet boiler, and with a slow fire the boiler furnace wall flue drying. 6, the boiler drying, the tray containing a desiccant into the furnace and the steam drum to absorb moisture, not in direct contact with the desiccant required boiler heating surface. 7, desiccant should be placed once, to see whether the heating surface corrosion regular weekly inspection of the boiler month, the timely replacement of the desiccant failure, a month later inspected once every two weeks.