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Boiler requirements temperature does not exceed 90 ~ 100 ℃ deoxygenated water, oxygen and the use of thermal water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, and how? Boiler water requirements are in addition to the peroxide, the water temperature does not exceed 90 ~ 100 ℃, which the system uses a thermal deaerator is not easy to do, but in the field can take appropriate measures to resolve this conflict. The key is to limit the temperature of the boiler sizes kw drum Sheung thick-walled, high temperature furnace cooling Sheung, easy to form the inner and outer walls of a large temperature difference, resulting in thermal stress is large, so long as the temperature of the feedwater entering the lower drum i.e. solve this problem.

According to our learned Wenzhou Municipal People's Government on February 12 issued a notice "Wenzhou Blue Sky win the Battle of action to implement the program (draft)", the details are as follows.

Accelerate the implementation of the relevant arrangements for the deployment of national, provincial and develop natural gas and other clean energy. According to Yi gas of the gas, the electric power should be the principle, and actively guide enterprises to implement energy clean energy alternative, 2020, the basic completion of provincial trunk pipeline construction, the basic realization of natural gas every county, to further improve the urban and rural distribution pipe network construction , the city's natural gas consumption reached 570 million cubic meters, the proportion of non-fossil fuels in total energy consumption to reach the provincial requirements. Orderly development of hydropower, safe and efficient development of nuclear power, optimizing wind energy, solar energy development layout, local conditions to develop biomass energy, geothermal energy and so on. Where the conditions of availability of resources, to encourage the development of county biomass cogeneration, biomass briquette boilers and biogas. Orderly development of natural gas peaking power plants and other interruptible user, in principle, to new natural gas cogeneration and gas chemical projects. Continue to implement the priority generation and purchase of electricity system to ensure the city's renewable energy generation full protection of the acquisition.

Strict new coal project access, the implementation of the reduction of coal instead. According to the State to win the Battle of the sky three-year action plan calls for no new 35 steam tons / hour high-polluting fuel boilers. By 2020, the city's coal accounts for the proportion of total energy consumption fell to 42.8% or less, the city's total coal consumption decreased by 5% compared with 2015. According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, increase the proportion of electricity from coal in 2020, the city's electricity and central heating coal proportion of total coal consumption reached provincial requirements. Continue to promote alternative energy coal and oil, replace reached the provincial requirements.

For shutting down the unit's capacity, coal consumption and emissions targets, allowed to trade or replacement, can co-ordinate arrangements for building the capacity of ultra-low emission coal-fired units. Strict control of new coal-fired units installed capacity in the region rely on new clean energy generation and transmission to meet outside the main electricity consumption. In the premise of protecting the power system security and stable operation of 2020, to accept the outgoing power levels to at least 38%.

Consolidate construction achievements combustion zone ban, increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers. According to the National to win the Battle of the sky three-year action plan calls for phasing out the 10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, the county level and above urban area basically out of coal-fired tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, etc. facilities; basically eliminated the city's 10 steam tons / hour and 35 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers; 35 steam tons / hour and more polluting fuels and energy-efficient boilers to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions; low nitrogen gas boiler basically completed the transformation; city built-up area of ​​biomass boilers implement ultra-low emissions transformation.

Select mild steel, gas-fired materials: manual arc welding. The average tensile strength of ordinary low-carbon steel Q235 417.5MPa. According to the principle of equal strength, should E43 series matching electrode. Several different selected electrodes SMAW steels shown in Table 1. Table 1 dynamic load-type electrode low carbon steel, slab structure complicated, manual arc welding boiler sizes kw and pressure vessel of choice for soldering electrode type Q235 {+ * /} E4313, E4303, E4301, E4320, E4311 {+ * / } E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) is generally not preheated Q255 {+ * /} is generally not preheated Q275 {+ * /} E4316, E4315E5016, E5015 {+ * /} structural slab preheating temperature higher than 150 ℃ C {+ * /} 08,10,15,20 {+ * /} E4303, E4301, E4320, E4311 {+ * /} E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) 25 {+ * /} E4316, E4315E5016, E5015 {+ * /} structural slab preheating temperature exceeds 150 ℃ 20g, 22g {+ * /} E4303, E4301E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) * + slab structure {/} preheated 100≤150 ℃ {+ * /} 20RE4303 , E4301 {+ * /} E4316, E4315 (E5016, E5015) is generally not preheated