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aac block plant from dongyue china

When used for heating, it can be used radiators, floor heating heating mode, the heat exchanger supporting the use of gas hot water aac block plant from dongyue china 10 t. When supporting a heat exchanger heating, boilers and heating systems are two separate water circulation system, independent pay, independent cycle.

"Boiler" What should be changed

Generally speaking, the boiler is low utilization of heat energy, emissions of harmful substances more than traditional coal-fired boilers into high thermal efficiency, environmental protection index good clean natural gas boilers. After transformation into the device with the latest premix, wherein the combustion technique of FGR like, reducing the fuel combustion temperature in the furnace, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides.

Jingzhou City, Hubei is located in Jianli County Supervisor Bureau for a food processing plant emergency inspection and maintenance, the timely processing of the security risks of the aac block plant from dongyue china. At the meeting held later, the city supervisor Bureau emphasized the specific guidance boiler safety management.

Which parts of the steam aac block plant from dongyue china susceptible to corrosion it? It is noteworthy that after the end of the work, after the steam boiler is turned off, got into the water system of oxygen may be from the steam boiler is not confined place, and then integrated into the boiler, if the pressure and temperature drop, then these will be condensed oxygen become vapor and moisture so that the metal surface of the boiler, resulting in the production of a water film. If, after the steam boiler is disabled, some parts are still soaked in water, then through continuous evaporation and water vapor, bucket elevator system to produce soda opportunity to make a lot of moisture, so that the boiler corrosion. So for steam boilers, the most susceptible to corrosion which parts of it? 1, parts of the boiler economizer, in operation, its entrance areas are very susceptible to corrosion, not to mention more economizer after the shutdown. 2, when the water wall runs, its oxygen ineffective, so it's drum and fall pipe is very easy to corrosion. It is corrosive at run time, particularly severe water wall drum side after shutdown. 3, where the elbow vertical steam boiler superheater, because the long-term on the water, in addition to the water is not clean, it also led to its rapid corrosion. 4, vertical reheater and superheater, are elbow portions submerged in water corrosion. After the above description, as long as the attention of the four parts of the maintenance and upkeep, then life can be extended steam boiler.