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how to increase design boiler design of 10 bar to 15 bar

Internal and external inspection of in-service pressure-bearing equipment: In order to ensure the normal and safe operation of the power plant how to increase design boiler design of 10 bar to 15 bar, it is necessary to carry out the necessary inspection according to the legal norms and standards, and to carry out the comprehensive inspection of the pressure-bearing equipment on a regular basis. Conduct inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regular Inspection rules for boilers. Periodic inspection cycle is divided into external inspection, internal inspection and pressure test. And each inspection time has the clear stipulation. In the "rules for regular Inspection of boilers", there are clear regulations and requirements in terms of inspection preparation, inspection methods, inspection contents, treatment of defects and inspection results, so as to avoid omissions and misjudgments in the inspection process. It can effectively improve the performance of the pressure-bearing equipment in the process of operation. Safety and stability.

Gas-fired steam how to increase design boiler design of 10 bar to 15 bar is a steam boiler heated by gas combustion. Vertical steam boiler adopts combustion machine lower mode, two-way structure, full combustion of fuel, stable operation and less space occupied by boiler. At the same time, the smoke pipe is inserted with spoiler, which slows down the rate of exhaust smoke, increases heat exchange, and has high thermal efficiency. Reduce user use cost; Horizontal steam boiler is a boiler shell full wet backflow three-way pyrotechnic tube structure, flame in large combustion chamber micro positive pressure combustion, complete extension, low combustion heat load, high thermal efficiency of combustion, effectively reduce smoke temperature, energy saving and consumption reduction, More economical to use, using waveform furnace tank and threaded smoke pipe structure, I. E. Improve the boiler heat absorption strength, and meet the heat exchange surface expansion needs, scientific and reasonable, durable. The gas steam pot is chosen to consider the effect of size and appearance. When buying natural gas boiler, white color packaging is chosen to make it not only beautiful and generous, but also the white packaging color plate has a good heat preservation effect. There is also the problem of the size of natural gas boilers. It is important to place where you need to. If the purchase is too large or too small, it will cause unnecessary trouble. Explain the main functions and advantages of gas-fired steam boilers: first, we should know the main features of natural gas boilers The function is to heat them. Therefore, when buying natural gas boilers, you should want to see the outer packaging of raw materials. In the selection of time, choose the whole body made of glass cotton, because the glass cotton insulation is very good, the weight is very light. In this way, the boiler will not have heat loss. Once the heat in the boiler quickly vanishes, it will not provide us with more heat. Productivity will decline rapidly and more will be destroyed.

The depth of integration with the Internet industry, the party has been fast out of traditional industries inherent in the old ideology, gradually moving towards intelligent high-tech enterprise development. Chinese Good Technology, a leading research. With the continuous improvement of the Group's own pursuit of quick side with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhengzhou University entered into a collaboration, research cooperation agreement signed, and the establishment of upgrade Engineering Research Center - Laboratory cleaning how to increase design boiler design of 10 bar to 15 bars, combustion field exploration and try. This year, the group also reached with Hefei General Machinery Research Institute Xuedong academician cooperation, the establishment of "academician workstation", as the industry's cutting-edge technology research and innovation base. Confirmed eyes, fast boiler is rare good business.

Why use softened water how to increase design boiler design of 10 bar to 15 bar to recommend to 2017-10-09 Core Tip: Do not softened water, easy to scale. Due to the continuous evaporation of steam, boiler water, calcium, magnesium, impurity concentration is very high - 30-50 times the natural water, the fouling rate beyond our imagination, just six months to a year, it can scale 1-2mm. The scale of great harm, when severe, can cause the boiler to burst! Performance comparison scale and thermally conductive metal. Scale thermal conductivity of only about 0.5% of the metal, after scaling the boiler, in order to achieve thermal efficiency when there is no scale, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the heating surface, such as: the furnace wall temperature of 250 deg.] C, when fouling 1mm, to to achieve the same thermal efficiency, to increase the wall temperature to 650 ℃, heat absorption rate is very low at this time, energy consumption is increased. 1, the scale has three main hazards: (1) reduce heat absorption, reducing the thermal efficiency of the boiler, waste of fuel, thus increasing the boiler operating costs. (2) lead to fouling of the furnace wall temperature was increased exponentially, steel stress rupture, reduction in strength, burst occurs serious, life is reduced. (3) Effect of steam quality, the steam of calcium, magnesium, easily fitting the boiler (safety valve, pressure gauge, pressure control, etc.), the steam device (e.g., iron, etc.) furring clogging. 2, the use of demineralized water three reasons: (1) "steam (hot water) Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" provisions must be. (2) maintaining thermal efficiency, save fuel, increase steam quality, prolong life. Furnace 3-4mm thick which generally use 20 # steel pot, a water pipe, the outer fire tube, over time, thicker tube wall scale, scouring the pipe outside the flame intensity (particularly vertical furnace is a side fired) topical steel high temperature, could easily lead pipe burst. For reasons of internal structure generally can not be welded boiler repair, it can only be scrapped. Is there any way to soften the water, to achieve "Boiler Rules" requirement? 1, water softener added: based on water quality test results, adding the right amount of softener every day. This method is difficult to grasp the scale, and the results are generally poor. 2, using the soft automatic processor: it works: with an ion tree fingering, adsorption of calcium and magnesium ions, to achieve the desired demineralized water. Currently the most widely used is better, the economy is simple American-made Tuzu (AUTOTROL) or Fu Laike (FLECK) automatic water softener processor. Recommendation: Use the United States automatic softener processor, fuel-efficient fuel-saving save money, extend the life of the boiler quality and security, in particular vertical water tube boilers, should be equipped with automatic water processor. Whether the information and data provided by the supplier norms true? (Oil furnace to an example, and with reference to the estimated fuel consumption) Rated Evaporation (kg / h) ≈ × 14 standard fuel consumption heat production (million kcal / h) ≈ fuel consumption × 0.9 vendor 8 documents should contain the following major items: 1, the production plant manufacturing license (photocopy) 2, boiler safety and quality supervisory inspection certificate (original copy is not valid) 3, boiler quality certificate (original and copy invalid) 4, strength 5 calculations, the safety valve 6 emissions calculations, installation manual 7, FIG original total (the "pot Zhiji Jian Province Unexamined No. ×× word" seal of approval, copy is invalid) 8, the body FIG boiler plate should pot seized by the supervisory inspection stamp mark.