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4t Diesel Condensing Boiler Kyrgyzstan

Recently, Henan Province issued the "2019 Henan ecological ideas and points", as follows.

1, the implementation of "winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan," "Henan tackling pollution prevention three-year action plan." We continued to do a good job in controlling coal, discharge control, train control, oil control, dust control, control burn "six control" based on the prominence of coal consumption reduction, optimize the industrial layout, transport restructuring, diesel trucks governance, urban dust remediation industrial upgrading green, clean heating construction, ecological expansion speed, enhance monitoring capacity, heavy pollution 10 iconic battles weather control and so on.

2, 2019 to promote the implementation of planning, environmental impact assessment and other "unified" requirement, in principle, then add the non-power sector coal consumption province-wide project to promote the transformation of shutting down coal-fired units and behind the irrational total of 1.5 million units kilowatt. Promote political urge the main town of coal units cleared and the main city of Luoyang coal units basically cleared. Do a good job clearing the continuing dynamic "scattered dirt" comprehensive improvement of enterprise and small coal-fired boilers. Township units continued to carry out an intensive investigation, the implementation of inventory management, network monitoring, inspections normalization mechanism, to treat small coal-fired boilers, found together with the ban.

3, already verified "messy dirty" business, in accordance with the principles of the rule after the first stop, the implementation of classification prosecuted. Do not meet industrial policy access, industrial layout planning, outdated equipment and technology, and no hope of treatment compliance, implementation of the "two off three clear"; the inclusion of the relocation of integration classes, in accordance with the principles of large-scale development, relocated to the industrial park and the implementation of upgrading; upgrading the inclusion of the class, set the industry benchmark, the implementation of cleaner production transformation, to raise the overall level of pollution abatement.

4, advancing the steel, aluminum depth treatment with carbon, cement, glass, coke, aluminum and other key industries. Deepen industrial enterprises fugitive emissions control, industrial furnaces special treatment, comprehensive treatment of industrial boilers, foundry industry depth governance, strengthen the petrochemical, chemical, packaging, printing, industrial painting and other key industries of volatile organic compounds pollution.

The importance of harm and 4t diesel condensing boiler kyrgyzstan water quality test of the importance of chemical hazards and inspection of boiler water chemical plant 1, the main hazards of chemical plant boiler boiler water quality chemical analysis forehead in actual operation, there will be many problems, including water quality chemical factory boiler operation have serious injuries. Water can be divided into dissolved substances, suspended solids and colloidal material. If the water quality is not timely and effective treatment, the normal operation of the boiler will be seriously affected. Boiler equipment suspended solids precipitation can reduce the capacity of the device, Yield and product water quality of water, burst pipes and clog. The gel content will lead to the normal operation of the scale, water quality impacts of the boiler in the boiler will be due to the thick scale, will produce metal overheat, causing the accident. 2. The importance of chemical analysis of boiler water quality testing water quality testing chemical plant boiler foundation is to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler. Since the detection of the heavy workload of industrial boilers, and boiler safety inspection based, it is particularly important. According to state regulations, only for chemical plant boiler testing, to ensure the safety of the boiler, check one of the indicators of water quality and safety of the boiler boiler has a great relationship, and water quality and safety of the boiler and the boiler has a great relationship. If the scale is too thick, heat transfer performance will be greatly reduced, resulting in waste of resources.

Secondly, for high temperature gas heating 4t diesel condensing boiler kyrgyzstan superheater, the surface oxide if it has more than 0.6-0.7mm, and a deeper grain boundary oxidation cracks, crack depth than the grain size of 3-5, it will be It is considered invalid.

Such a steam 4t diesel condensing boiler kyrgyzstan, familiarize yourself with when you can find, which is a device capable of providing steam boiler. Like some factories during production when the need to use steam, especially some devices require steam, so this boiler equipment, can produce now that the plant provides the steam needed.