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steam boiler 3 ton per hour capacity india delhi

Earlier this year, fast Boiler successful bidder Guan China Fortune Foundation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Gas boiler tender offers to other companies low nitrogen gas pipe 80 tons of steam boiler 3 ton per hour capacity india delhis and steam 40 tons each in Taiwan, with the use of 1.5 million square meters to meet the heating demand. The introduction of various environmental policies throughout the country to improve environmental protection in all walks of life. Among the improvements, the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as the primary problem.

Six Product Features of Oil-fired Boiler

Three-way structure: adopt the international popular boiler shell type three-way structure, all wet back structure, combustion chamber large volume design, make the combustion fuller. The fuel is combusted under slight positive pressure in the hearth, and the high-temperature flue gas turns 180 °backward along the tank through the reburning chamber, 180 °into the first flue bundle, 180 °through the compressed front chamber, and then into the second tube bundle, after convection heat transfer, it is discharged into the atmosphere.

Pharmaceutical boiler furnace wall construction standards What? Pharmaceutical boiler furnace wall construction standards What? Boiler furnace wall construction pharmaceutical companies to do four main criteria: heat insulation, sealing and solidifying. Following small four simple analytical done for everyone. (1) Heat pharmaceutical boiler long-running under high temperature conditions, the inner wall of the furnace wall to withstand temperatures will naturally be relatively high, so the steam boiler 3 ton per hour capacity india delhi furnace wall construction must ensure that their heat resistance, as well as to adapt to the effects of repeated temperature changes . Insulation effect (2) thermal insulation pharmaceutical boiler is very good, it directly affects the operation of the boiler thermal efficiency of pharmaceutical, and thus indirectly affect the production of pharmaceutical benefits. Because the effective insulation of the boiler, the boiler heat loss naturally is relatively small, so the heat inside the boiler unit of time that can supply naturally relatively high. External force (3) pharmaceutical firm boiler more obvious, then, you need to have a furnace wall robustness, to prevent it from suffering more serious damage. Seal (4) sealed boiler is very good, can effectively prevent the occurrence of air leakage phenomenon, in order to prevent abnormal combustion process or a large heat losses and so on. In short, the furnace walls to create standard boiler subject to the normal demand, we can achieve more favorable results.

Step boiler blowdown boiler blowdown step 1, the total boiler periodically open the drain valve; 2, the first valve opening a boiler, and then slowly open the secondary valve; 3, after the boiler blowdown is completed, the secondary valve is closed first, after a closed valve; sewage should slowly, to prevent water impact, such as vibration occurs if the boiler tubes and other issues, should stop sewage, and check the cause, until the fault repair during sewage; 4, boiler blowdown process, such as boiler accident, should immediately stop sewage , but the drum level is too high and soft drinks were vacated, except; 5, boiler blowdown ban two boilers at the same time. Boiler water softening equipment raw water from the inlet into the control valve, the valve body through the valve body from the upper portion, by a top (or resin pipe outside the tank, below) into the tank. Then, down through the resin layer (this is a softening, the purge is a carbon layer or the like, the same below), becomes softened water return pipe by the water distributor, up to the valve body, the valve body from the softening equipment discharge outlet. Raw water softening equipment from the inlet into the control valve, the valve body into the inlet nozzle and the outlet nozzle flows quickly, a negative pressure, so that the salt brine tank inlet valve body from the suction port salt, into the tank top.