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2t Diesel Boiler Plant Kyrgyzstan

Good gas 2t diesel boiler plant kyrgyzstan, should have two major advantages

The power source of development is inseparable from the boiler of the times, in many industrial boiler production plays an important role, but with the technological innovation and industrial production pattern of rapid changes, some of the old industrial age boiler products have been difficult to fully meet the needs of modern business, then how should the boiler business to stand out in a large number of boiler products it?

Condensation latent heat release large amounts of high-value gas 2t diesel boiler plant kyrgyzstan burning natural gas: The product is water volume 48.2L, royalty-free license within the range set by the state, this type of boiler no need for boiler use permit, no boiler inspection, no personnel to operate card , simple and easy to use.

Fang faster work on clean fuel 2t diesel boiler plant kyrgyzstans more than twenty years, whether it is research and development or manufacturing fields have achieved remarkable results. The launch of the "Euromonitor 5" series boilers, the company's new low-nitrogen boiler, using advanced FGR combustion technology, nitrogen oxide emissions below 30mg / m3, our first-tier cities can be used normally. Remote monitoring system is to attract the attention of the participants. Jumping curve data, real-time display operating status boiler; detailed data analysis and fault early warning program, Fang fast "black technology", making the boiler to get rid of "silly Big Ben rough" image and become intelligent high-tech incarnation.

4. Color pattern plate packaging, mirror finished stainless steel, or brushed stainless steel, elegant appearance

5. ASME standards oil fired boiler is more safe and reliable