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Dry refers to the maintenance, shutdown the released water put in the furnace dirt rinse the pot burner Weihuo dried, and then the whole gas boiler commercial 20t supplier azerbaijan drained, the valve is closed to all pipes, every three months check again.

The purchase of gas-fired boiler commercial 20t supplier azerbaijan, we are more anxious shopping center, but for gas-fired boilers are not very understanding. After the introduction of others, we understand each other fast boiler more comprehensive, and more trust fast boiler. After the boiler put into use, it turns out, party fast products fully meet the needs of our shopping centers. --customer feedback

Effective method of medical boiler commercial 20t supplier azerbaijan drum level measurement of effective methods of medical boiler drum level measurement Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is commonly used in boiler steam boiler, steam boiler will inevitably experience some operating drum level measurement, then the medicine steam boiler What an effective way to measure the water level package has it? drum level measurement can be run on the stability of steam boilers, power and work carried out clearly positioned to ensure its operation in a safe state. Basically, the method of effective medical boiler drum water level measurement can be divided into two, one link type, and second differential pressure. The former can be divided into two-color water level gauge and a measuring electrode type; color water level gauge for determining chromatic aberration by the optical principle; measurement electrode type level gauge is determined according to the difference of the electrical conductivity of soda. The latter name suggests is to a simple determination of the water level changes according to the pressure conditions. In short, whether it is China Unicom type or differential pressure measurements are way more effective, but also more common method of measuring drum level, we can choose according to the actual situation, to effectively monitor the state of the water level in the steam drum to ensure the smooth operation of the boiler and security.

Boiler sub-cylinder is the main application of the principles sub-cylinder steam boiler commercial 20t supplier azerbaijan equipment, for dispensing the steam generated during operation of the boiler duct to the brightest, sub-cylinder pressure-based devices, is a pressure vessel bearing capacity, the capacity and supporting boiler should correspond. Sub-cylinder pressure main elements: head, housing materials are Q235-A / B, 20g, 16MnR, model specifications ф159-ф1000, working pressure 1-2.5MPa, special specifications can be separately arranged according to user requirements design. First, use sub-cylinder drum, also known as points, which is essential for steam boiler ancillary equipment, widely used in power generation, petrochemicals, iron and steel, cement, construction and other industries. Second, the performance is the main structural sub-cylinder devices supporting the boiler, a steam boiler for assigning the generated run-time to go separate ways conduit, sub-cylinder pressure-based devices, is a pressure vessel. The main function of the cylinder is divided distribute steam, so a plurality of connecting the main steam valve and the valve with the steam boiler sub-cylinder valves in order to sub-cylinder steam to the needs of each. Sub-cylinder pressure main elements: seat with steam, the main steam valve, safety valve doors, traps seat, seat gauge, thermometer seat; head, housing and the like. Schools, electric boilers in addition to 5 work week and 35 days of vacation, electric boiler heating time is relatively short. Electric boiler heating costs: 0.07kw / square × 0.6 × 6 hours × [(Days 140 Days -35) × 5/7] × 0.48 yuan / kWh = 9.1 yuan / square meter actual heating area calculated value by the above room × ( salable area) can be calculated about the whole heating period operating costs of electric boilers, electric boilers user if reasonable adjustments or closing without electric boiler electric heating boiler room (such as unused rooms, toilet or kitchen) electric heating boilers, electric boilers The actual heating area will be reduced accordingly, electric boiler heating costs will be reduced accordingly. Note: 0.07kw / square meter is a standard requirement of energy-saving building winter heating load electric boiler is 55-70w / square meter 0.48 yuan / kWh is Beijing's residential electricity price of electric power boiler, if the implementation of TOU price may average 0.35 yuan / kWh cost computing power to run boilers, electric boilers user for a long time at home, the cost of electric heating boiler heat load factor was 17.6 yuan 0.6 refers to the smaller heat load in the heating period of the early and the late indoor needs, indoor heating demand during the coldest period thermal load is large, the average is 0.6 :( actual heating area floor area × 0.78) - useful area without electric heating stove heating room is intermittently operated with the electric water heater, air-conditioning is similar to the working time and room to heat load demand proportion.