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5 tph diesel fired boiler

In addition to transforming traditional industrial coal-fired 5 tph diesel fired boilers into natural gas steam boilers, measures can be taken to save energy in the operation of natural gas steam boilers. Xiaobian has compiled the following measures for energy saving of natural gas steam boilers:

1. According to the quantity of steam required for industrial production, the rated power of the natural gas steam boiler and the number of boilers are reasonably selected. The higher the matching degree between the two cases and the actual use, the smaller the smoke loss, and the more obvious the energy saving.

2. The fuel is in full contact with the air: let the right amount of fuel and the right amount of air form an optimal ratio for combustion, which can improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel, reduce the emission of polluting gases, and achieve the goal of double energy conservation.

3. Reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the natural gas steam boiler: reduce the exhaust temperature of the boiler and effectively use the waste heat generated in the exhaust gas. The efficiency of the common boiler is 85-88%, and the exhaust gas temperature is 220-230 °C. If the exhaust gas is used to reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 140-150 ° C, the efficiency of the boiler can be increased to 90-93%.

4. Recycling the heat of boiler sewage: By using heat exchange to continuously use the heat in the sewage, the water supply temperature of the itch water is increased to achieve the purpose of energy saving of the natural gas steam boiler.

"APH T6" 5 tph diesel fired boiler circuit to meet the various needs, select single or series and parallel, with the use depending on the circumstances. Premix combustion technology with technology and wings, by fine adjustment control, to promote efficient mixing of gas and air, the combustion more fully, more efficient, suppressing the generation of NOx from the source. Beijing new boiler The boiler NOx emissions less than 18mg / m3, well below the most stringent in the history called "boiler air pollutant emission standards" under the implementation of emission limits 30mg / m3 of.

Control steam 5 tph diesel fired boiler at the Sheung Shui should pay attention to the things you want to steam boiler steam boiler conduct a comprehensive inspection before ignition, Sheung Shui steam boiler things should note the following requirements: Requirements 1, the water quality of the steam boiler, the boiler if the point of use water hardness is too high should be supporting water treatment, water treatment package can softened water hardness reduce scaling in the boiler tubes, thereby increasing the life of the boiler to reduce operating costs. 2, Sheung Shui, when should slow to add water inside the steam boiler feed water temperature is not too high. 3, add water, not too much, as the temperature of the water will continue to increase expansion, resulting in waste. Generally, add water to the normal water level of the water line also is the middle line on it, now supporting the steam boiler above all intelligent devices in Sheung Shui, simply open the smart addition of water it can be had. 4, to put inside the boiler economizer and air inside the boiler duct excluded when water was added. 5, after the Sheung Shui to see whether the water level in the water level dropped, there may be drain valve not closed tightly reason, you should check the steam boiler population during the Sheung Shui, welding flanges, pipe is leaking phenomenon exists, if found leaking immediately stop adding water and appropriate treatment.

Hazard prevention measures after risk prevention measures after risk prevention measures after a chemical plant chemical plant 5 tph diesel fired boiler installation boiler installation boiler installation 1 chemical plant, chemical plant boiler establish safety management systems. Establish and improve boiler safety management system is the basic requirement, which is one of the basic measures of risk prevention, establish and improve a certain Boiler safety management system, to better behavior of staff constraints, for working methods and operating method can be strict norms, specifically, the content of these systems can include personal responsibility, tour inspection system, sanitation system. The establishment of a safety management system, to a certain extent, can improve the level of safety management, try to avoid risks. 2, chemical plants make maintenance of the boiler. Do repair and maintenance work of the boiler is the basic risk prevention measures, in fact, almost any equipment required for repair and maintenance of late, so as to better protect their property, and then play its true role, but also help to extend the life of equipment, long-term benefits for the enterprise, which is crucial. Therefore, as a common boiler equipment container repair and maintenance work is equally important, through repair and maintenance, in order to avoid failure and the occurrence of larger problems, thus ensuring the quality of its operation, meet the basic requirements of production. Therefore, it requires the staff member can improve boiler for repair and maintenance of awareness and attention, always ensure that the boiler can be in good condition, in the course of running, and if found hidden problems should immediately stop operation of the boiler, in when the shutdown can not be blind, to conduct outage accordance with the relevant requirements and, of course, there is an emergency outage, which requires staff combined with the actual situation shutdown, to avoid accidents. And after the shutdown, in order to ensure quality of operation of the boiler, we must do a good job related to the care and maintenance work, in general, can be divided into the furnace and the furnace maintenance, maintenance of different methods have different characteristics, but also with different the effect on corrosion of furnace maintenance, the maintenance can be divided into dry and wet maintenance. In addition to good corrosion maintenance, we have to do the repair and maintenance of rust, crack, etc., in order to better protect the performance of the boiler, to avoid greater risks, to ensure good operation of the boiler.