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chain great fire tube boiler

In the case of chain great fire tube boiler module thermal efficiency, load ratio of low energy utilization does not appear. This is because, from the viewpoint of the boiler itself to the characteristics of the module, the boiler module in online mode controller can achieve many boilers joint control, the parameters can according to predetermined heating temperature curve, such as room temperature, Construction thermal inertia thereof, and the like, the reference outdoor temperature should start automatically determine intelligence, several units boiler outage, automatically nearly unattended mode. Control process, the system ensures that each boiler are running at full capacity, high efficiency (91%) run. Basically eliminating the thermal efficiency of the domestic situation of widespread, load rate, low energy utilization in, with obvious economic and social benefits.

Earlier this year, fast Boiler successful bidder Guan China Fortune Foundation Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Gas chain great fire tube boiler tender offers to other companies low nitrogen gas pipe 80 tons of steam boilers and steam 40 tons each in Taiwan, with the use of 1.5 million square meters to meet the heating demand. The introduction of various environmental policies throughout the country to improve environmental protection in all walks of life. Among the improvements, the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as the primary problem.

Henan how chain great fire tube boiler plant condensing boilers periodic inspections? Gas condensing boiler is now one kind *** new energy saving device, which works by using the exhaust gas temperature so heat can be fully re-use, greatly improving the thermal efficiency of gas, while the exhaust gas using the process but also some of the hazardous substance removing gas for flue gas emissions are purified. Henan how boiler plant condensing boilers periodic inspections? 1, external examination: in the course of a condensing boiler for use in the external states of the boiler periodically check to ensure that corrosion of the boiler housing no traces of rust, and the connection between the various parts of the loose without loosing phenomenon, the appearance of the boiler deformation does not appear. In addition, welds and heat affected zone of the boiler also check there is no defects such as cracks, where necessary, be checked using the surface inspection or other testing methods. 2, internal inspection: condensing boiler needs a lot of parts for internal inspection, wherein for the previous test of the defective portions, Henan boiler plant using the same test methods to be increased or for the appropriate inspection method has been flawed or defective retesting the repaired area focus retest; head low nitrogen boiler tube plate, furnace combustion chamber and a return header and also must undergo periodic inspection; combustion apparatus in addition also check whether there is a boiler burning, deformation The phenomenon. 3, the hydraulic inspection: the test needs to be tested to a predetermined pressure boiler pressure tightness and strength member is performed when checking for condensing boiler pressure, making the hydraulic inspection time to pay attention not to participate in the communication member of the hydrostatic test (such as outside the scope of boiler pipes, safety valves, etc.) should take credible measures to cut off. If the check is carried out at low temperatures, then we will take effective measures to freezing. Identify selling gas condensing boiler quality should also learn good after-sale technical support case manufacturers, due to equipment failure may occur because of some factors that operation or use of the environment during use, the production of gas condensing boiler businesses must provide regular on-site technical training and detection technology to ensure that the boiler operation.

How to effectively reduce the degree of corrosion of hot water chain great fire tube boiler through the use of boiler users are aware, long-term use will produce hot water boiler corrosion, has a great influence on the life of the boiler. Function gas boiler the ignition system that ignites the mixture of air and fuel, its main components are: the ignition transformer, the ignition electrode, a high voltage electrical cable fire. A more secure electronic ignition system called ignition pulse, is widely used Zhuoyi energy saving gas boiler manufacturers. Which facilitate saving, can simply press a finger, and safe, does not occur due to unexpected accidents occur flame, once the stall state occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve, off the gas passage. So how to reduce the extent of corrosion of hot water boiler of it? I hope the following description can help you. 1. An exhaust device mounted hot water boiler system, the boiler water to facilitate removal of water and air in the system due to the heat from the water precipitated the gas, thereby reducing corrosion of oxygen. 2. feedwater oxygen: When hot water boiler rated power greater than 4.2MW, to deal with deoxygenated water, hot water boiler rated power should be less than 4.2 oxygen as possible. Gas hot water boiler with environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, salient features fully automatic operation, and ease of use. In addition, due to the operation of the economy, government policies to encourage, gas hot water boiler more and more people of all ages. The control of the hot water boiler PH value: PH value of the hot water boiler is controlled between 10 ~ 12, the metal surface to form a protective film to prevent the occurrence of oxygen corrosion. Gas-fired steam boiler burner underlying mode, two-pass configuration, the fuel combustion, the boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the spoiler is inserted smoke tube, smoke slow speed, increase heat transfer, a high thermal efficiency, reducing user fees corrosion problems serious threat to the safe operation of the hot water boiler, and even affect the life of the boiler. Hot water boiler heating surface to prevent corrosion and extend boiler life, has become an important aspect of the boiler management. With the above measures, it is possible to effectively prevent the occurrence of oxygen and slow down the corrosion of the hot water boiler heating surface, thus ensuring the safe operation of the boiler.