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whrb boiler gauge glass charging

What is the difference between 1.4 tons steam whrb boiler gauge glass chargings and 6 tons steam boilers?

The difference between a 4-ton steam boiler and a 6-ton steam boiler, literally, is in the tonnage of the boiler, and if it continues to go deep, then in terms of rated power, the former can provide 4 tons of steam per hour. The latter can provide 6 tons of steam per hour. Therefore, there are many differences between the two steam boilers of different tonnage.

Hot water whrb boiler gauge glass charging in the longer load changes, false water level may occur. Therefore, when monitoring and adjusting the water level, the water level should pay attention to judge temporarily false, false water level adjustment method correctly grasp, must not appear operational errors, resulting in harm to the safe operation of the boiler. In general, when the water level suddenly rises, first of all there should be additional fuel, enhanced combustion, an amount equal to the evaporation steam flow, steam pressure recovery; then wait until the water level begins to drop, add to the water, the water level gradually restored. At the same time, pay attention to the ability to monitor the boiler feed water, through pressure gauge to the pump outlet, monitor water pressure, if the pressure difference between the boiler tends to increase gradually appear, check whether the feed line to produce obstruction disorders, should be taken to identify the reasons measures to eliminate.

Why the whrb boiler gauge glass charging can save energy and reduce consumption the design pressure of boiler should be a little higher than the high working pressure, and should not be less than the opening pressure of the safety valve. The design pressure of the gas-phase furnace is 1.2 ~ 1.5 times, the design pressure of the liquid-phase furnace should be 1.05-1.2 times, and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the liquid-phase furnace should be greater than that of 0.15MPa (1.5kgf/cm2). The temperature of boiler inlet and exit should be designed from the point of view of economy and safety, and a suitable temperature difference should be designed for the operation of the system. The temperature difference should be less than 30 ℃. The boiler is a closed-circuit cycle, and the difference between the output temperature and the return temperature is only 2. 30 degrees, which means that the boiler can reach service temperature only by heating a temperature difference of 20 degrees and 30 degrees. Steam boiler is added cold water, heating cold water into steam to heat the hot equipment, steam into 60 degrees 70 degrees condensate discharge. So play the role of saving energy and reducing consumption!

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