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4 ton straw fired boiler

According to China's introduction of atmospheric pollution environmental requirements for cities Beijing, Shanghai and other implementation of 30mg / Nm³ nitrogen oxide emissions requirements, 4 ton straw fired boiler equipment and therefore we want to change the low nitrogen respect. Low nitrogen boiler, once launched, has been widely recognized by the market.

Steel 4 ton straw fired boiler which company is good now different domestic steel boiler manufacturers, contrast load, have their own strengths steel boiler performance. I do not know what the questioner judge the quality of a senior steel boiler yes. Generally if you want to choose exactly the type of company you exact steel boiler, as in the following several specifications need to be clear: a thermal efficiency steel boiler Second, the steel boiler thermal time three or four rated load of steel boiler, Categories in front of several steel boiler specification, procurement steel boiler absolutely normal unqualified, and the most sure to carefully think about failure, from several specification, can be seen a good steel boiler bad stable or not, of course, select the type of steel boiler when to find the best company to everyone, excellent characteristics of steel boiler is the most should pay attention to.

First, the gas hot water 4 ton straw fired boiler "vaporization" Cause 1, resulting in a sudden power failure stop the pump, so that the cycle is interrupted, no measures were taken or not taken the right approach vaporization caused. 2, fireman untrained, unskilled hot water boiler operation. Such as the operation of the gas hot water boiler fuel delivery stop, stop sending incorrect pump stops when the wind, or when you start the ignition sequence is incorrect, the first after the ignition switch pump; pump stops after the first shutdown time and oven temperature bottomed out, and many more. 3, the circulation loop by mistake to close the outlet valve, circuit valves, or pipes freezing, blockage, etc. interruption. 4, gas hot water boiler circulation loop leaks, constant pressure device failure, not caused by lack of timely replenishment of water, the pressure drop. 5, exports of both thermometers and pressure gauges boiler failure, fireman personnel failed to timely detection. 6, boiler design is unreasonable, or unauthorized users to the steam boiler hot water boiler, the boiler water flow rate is extremely uneven, localized heating surface due to stagnation of the water vaporizes. 7, the inner pipe severe fouling or debris there, the destruction of the water cycle.

Our preliminary investigation when the other side is very interested in fast 4 ton straw fired boiler, a number of fast-party research and development as well as outstanding patent cases in all industry sectors, we have confidence in each other quickly this brand. After the cooperation, but also the strength and each staff fully aware of the fast boiler of a good attitude, and cooperation in the box, very at ease. --customer feedback