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bidragon steam boiler

In June 2014, an consumer visited our factory in Zhengzhou, China. This consumer works for an large-size paper factory in Thailand. To find an reliable boiler manufacturer, he searched a lot on the internet and sent tens of inquiries to know more details in boiler market. In April 2014, he first visit our website, and talked with our service about his requirement in general. Soon, our forgien sales took this case and contacted with this Thailand consumer. Our 70 years boiler manufacturing experience, IBR and ASME International Certifications, Many National Patents, etc helped us got good feelings to our consumer. This is not a small order. So our consumer from Thailand decided to visit our factory on his own.

As one of the food processing industries, the sugar industry occupies an important position in many national and regional national economies. In the production process of sugar factories, bidragon steam boilers are needed because of the demand for heat. Steam will come into direct contact with foods such as candy, and for safety, the quality of the steam needs to be guaranteed.

People's Republic of Bangladesh is the world's largest exporter of jute, a long time for the world transport a large paper stock. Is also an important market, "along the way" important strategic fulcrum of China's industrial and manufacturing. Fang fast Group as an international brand boiler, April 10, the warm reception from distant friends -? Bangladesh PolockGroup Group CEO, Mr Mahbubul Alam Biddut??.

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