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I often hear the term such as the heating surface of the boiler. What is the heating surface? Which part of the boiler does it mean? Let's talk about the heating surface of a gas boiler. The gas boiler is a thermal energy supply device that meets the national environmental protection requirements. Widely used in food, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. As a mechanical device, good maintenance can extend the life of the equipment, so be sure to know the name of each part, the name and location of each term in the maintenance.

Chinese wine culture has a long history, wine blend. In the process of making wine, almost all wine prices are inseparable from the brewing process steam, we can say the stability and quality of steam purity of the wine production plays a decisive role. Lefort Wine has been committed to producing high-quality wine products, December 2016 No. 1, Lefort wine and I signed a one 4 tons of steam condensing steam boiler manufacts, the company continues to provide high-quality wine work steam.

8, the check valve on the pressure pipe, must be opened, the wind deflector must all flue opening;

9, the control cabinet to check each knob are in their normal position;

10, a check valve should be steam boiler in a closed state, the hot water boiler circulating pump valves should be closed;

11, check the water softening equipment is operating correctly, create a variety of indicators of soft water meets national standards.

Heat loss Q5The main factors affecting Q5 are boiler capacity and external area of furnace body, water wall and furnace wall structure, ambient air temperature and air flow condition, boiler load variation, etc. The main factors affecting Q5 are boiler capacity and external area of furnace body, water cooling wall and furnace wall structure. Generally speaking, the larger the boiler capacity, the larger the surface area, thus the greater the absolute value of heat loss. However, according to the percentage of heat loss, when the boiler capacity increases, the fuel consumption increases in a positive proportion, while the surface area and furnace temperature of the boiler do not increase in proportion with the increase of the boiler capacity. In this way, the corresponding unit evaporation surface area is reduced, so the larger the boiler capacity, the smaller the heat loss. If water wall and furnace The wall structure is tight and compact, the heat preservation is good, the air temperature around the boiler is high and the flow is slow, the heat dissipation loss is small.