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mesin kapasitas boiler 6 ton pembuat minyak atsiri

As a kind of special equipment in industrial production, mesin kapasitas boiler 6 ton pembuat minyak atsiri has a very comprehensive standard and system. The reason is very simple and dangerous, and the consequence is very serious. Strengthen management, guarantee safe production, is the enterprise must do a good job. In order to prevent the recurrence of similar tube burst accidents, combined with many years of operation management, analysis and summary of this tube explosion accident, we realize some enlightenments for the operation and management of boiler reference.

1) the operating procedures shall be strictly followed in the management of operation. The operation procedure of boiler makes clear the concrete procedure of boiler operation, and it is the basic guarantee of boiler safe operation. Operation behavior meets the requirements of the regulations, boiler operation in accordance with its own operation law, can run safely.

2) strengthen the boiler water quality management to ensure that the boiler water meets the water quality requirements. There is a misconception that boiler scaling will not occur if the water quality of the boiler is qualified. After these calculations, although the water hardness of the boiler is ≤ 0.03 mmol / L, the residual hardness still exists here. In the operation of the boiler, the residual hardness will accumulate in the form of scale in the furnace tube. After the explosion of the boiler tube, we tested the boiler water, and the hardness did not exceed the standard. In our day-to-day management, there are special personnel responsible for boiler water quality testing, to do one test per shift, technicians regularly sampling, all meet the requirements. But most The end result was a problem. Therefore, in boiler water quality management, the hardness of boiler water should be reduced as far as possible, the residual hardness should be reduced, and the harm to boiler should be reduced.

3) strengthen the annual maintenance work of boiler. After a hot-water heating boiler runs for a heating cycle, It is necessary to carry out the annual inspection and repair work. The maintenance work is very important to the subsequent operation of the boiler. In addition to ensuring that all parts of the boiler are in good condition and meet the requirements through maintenance, it is also necessary to focus on dredging the boiler tubes and make sure that each tube is unobstructed in order to ensure the smooth circulation and at the same time, This can also remove loose polymer in the tube.

4) in view of the structural characteristics of the boiler itself, corresponding measures should be taken to confirm the boiler's state. The 14MW hot water boiler, due to its own structural characteristics, adopts the partition made of steel plate, and divides the internal flow of the boiler into three series processes. Because the partition plate is welded and sealed, the difficulty of overhaul increases, and the partition board is not regularly cut. The furnace tube was dredged and accumulated, and the scale was thickened year by year. Finally, the furnace tube was completely blocked and the furnace tube burst accident occurred. In view of this particular boiler structure, it is necessary to make the determination to cut the partition regularly, carry on the inspection of furnace tube, dredge and so on maintenance work, make sure Keep in good condition, lay the foundation for safe operation.

5) make annual inspection in accordance with the requirements of boiler supervision regulations. This annual inspection shall be carried out by a qualified unit or agency to verify that the boiler meets the requirements for safe operation and that the inspection report is available. Although the annual inspection of the 14MW hot water boiler has been carried out, however, the annual inspection is, after all, a routine inspection, although the intact condition of the pressurized components of the boiler body, the internal corrosion situation, the water-cooled wall tube, the convection pipe bundle, The walls of the furnace have been thoroughly checked, but the scale is often difficult to judge. In spite of this, such tests can well prevent defective boilers from being put into use. The accident happened.

6) regularly carry out boiler chemical cleaning. This 14MW hot water boiler, which has been in operation for more than 10 years, has not been cleaned for a very simple reason. During the maintenance and inspection of the boiler every year, no scaling was found in the opening of the visible part of the furnace tube (convective tube, water-cooled wall tube). It's very clean, so no chemical cleaning has been taken. It is analyzed that the area where boiler fouling is more serious is usually in the boiler high temperature area, but this part of furnace tube can not be judged by conventional means. At present, although there are advanced speculum, but in the actual operation management, the production unit configuration of such equipment is very few. Then, take regular cleaning The measures can effectively reduce the fouling in boiler tubes and avoid similar accidents.

7)strengthen the protection of high temperature parts of boiler. This 14MW hot water boiler is the detection point of furnace temperature, that is, the highest temperature at the end of the combustion chamber, which is the combination of convective heat transfer at the end of the combustion chamber. At the same time, it is also the beginning of convective heat transfer. Therefore, the radiative heat transfer and convective heat transfer in this part are very strong in boiler operation, and the result of this accident shows this problem. In the process of boiler installation or maintenance, special attention should be paid to this point. High temperature resistant materials can be used for proper heat preservation treatment of this part of the furnace tube, so as to reduce the heating strength of the furnace tube and slow down the scaling rate, which is positive for the prevention of similar accidents. With.

Gas heating mesin kapasitas boiler 6 ton pembuat minyak atsiri stop three issues that require special attention gas boiler main function is to provide hot water for home, season used mainly in winter. After we stop using the gas boiler heating, the need for maintenance of the gas boiler, during this period must pay attention to the gas heating boiler stopped three issues need special attention, in particular, need to focus on water pressure system, that is (or LCD) pressure values ​​displayed on the table, you should always keep the gas heating boiler stopped three issues that need special attention: First, pay attention to the flue do not change, demolition, debris and not free to hang clothes on the flue. Second, the use of sanitary hot water, the temperature is preferably adjusted at a suitable temperature adjusted gas-fired boiler, using the hot water directly at the opening point of water. Third, do not use long-term gas-fired boiler in the summer, we recommend that users will pass to the gas boiler water valves, gas valves, Q power source is turned off. (This provision does not apply during the heating season) into the postseason non-heating, gas boiler without having to drain.

Fast mesin kapasitas boiler 6 ton pembuat minyak atsiri can be configured for each boiler intelligent remote monitoring cloud service system, professional inspectors to observe the use of fast boiler operation within our range throughout the day, once the emergency, warning device remote start immediately, and notify users online, the danger strangled in the cradle.

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