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steam boiler biogas boiler

More advanced set of international condensing boiler technology, and in actual use show the superior durability and superior ability operating efficiency, and low failure rate during operation; processing category by many manufacturers and heating heating the company's favorite. But the price is also higher than condensing boiler some of the traditional boilers, how do we maintain it longer service life, so as to enhance the overall cost of boiler it?

As to brick factories, they usually need steam and hot air in brick curing, drying process. An manager working in a brick factory, contacted with our consumer service online, he wanted to get the price of 10 ton coal fired chain grate boiler. As he said, the old one in brick factory served for 8 years, and lower efficiency and higher running costs now. Their factory decided to replace it and buy a new one finally. Coal fuel price is cheaper in local, easy to coal resource; thus they still want to use coal fuel as its energy. Our sales contacted with this factory and quote his the price of SZL series coal fired chain grate boiler, capacity 10 ton, pressure 1.25 MPa.

cogeneration(CHP) in sugar industry

In technical terms, the amount ofenergy that can be extracted from bagasse is largely dependent on two main criteria: the amount ofprocessed cane and the technology used for energy production. Crucially, only the use of high-efficiency boilers generating extra high pressures and temperatures allows production in excess of thecaptive consumption of a mill. The cost ofboiler sand their installation is relatively high but, as shown by projects in Brazil and Thailand, capital investment costs may be recovered by revenues from electricity exports to the national grid in a period not longer than 5 years. On the other hand,the success of cogeneration by sugarcane mills is fully dependent on the existing legal framework and the prevailing electricity market rules.

After party fast track late after-sales staff feedback display, stable operation of two boilers at Mi Duoqi food and dairy cattle Flower boiler room in the two companies, to provide heat support for food processing. It is fast boiler of the brand stick, adhere to the quality of products as well as high demand for post-maintenance feedback, so that the two food industry enterprises in Henan Province invariably choose and we walk hand in hand!