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Safe and efficient is the fundamental development of the steam harga boiler indomarine! In the domestic boiler market, the competition is getting fierce, so what is the market competitiveness of the boiler it, just by our technology small series for everyone to work together to explore today about the safety of steam boilers and more important and efficient, you can He said the safe and efficient is the fundamental development of steam boilers.

Problem analysis of the deformation of the heating surface of the steam harga boiler indomarine 1, the heating surface modification phenomenon a. Waterwall tubes or deformation of the door to see the fire door from the saw, when accompanied by water, can see the red curved water wall tube. B of the horizontal combustion furnace of the boiler, can be seen from the observation hole furnace wall to the fire front side of the deformation. 2. Heating Surface modification of a. Serious boiler water, heating surface of the cooling pot of water had to be thermally deformed. b. poor design structure. The local circulation flow rate is too low, stagnation, that the wall temperature exceeds the allowable temperature deformation. c. Install error, the pressure receiving member is not free to expand. D. substandard quality, thick scale, excessive water residue.

To continue to improve air quality and protect people's lives and health, Hainan Province, issued a "Hainan Air Pollution Prevention Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), a clear implementation of the total coal consumption control system, and gradually reduce the amount of coal consumption, phase out existing coal-fired units. "Regulations" since March 1, 2019 into effect.

"Regulations" put forward specific requirements for coal and other energy pollution control.

A prohibited import, sale and burning of coal does not meet quality standards; prohibited the import, sales do not meet standards of quality petroleum coke; prohibition of burning petroleum coke. Above the county level department in charge of market supervision and management need to be strengthened coal, petroleum coke quality management, from time to time on coal, petroleum coke quality sampling.

Second, the people's government above the county level market supervision and administration departments shall, jointly with relevant departments in charge of the environment, industry and information technology, etc. According to China's Hainan Province and the relevant provisions to strengthen the supervision and management of boiler production, import, sale, use, etc., do not compliance with environmental standards or requirements shall not manufacture, import, sale and use. Phasing out coal-fired boilers. Existing clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces, low NOx combustion should be completed within the prescribed period of transformation of the people's governments above the county level department in charge of the ecological environment. New clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces and other facilities shall pollution control measures such as the use of low NOx combustion.

Third, the central heating has been implemented for the work (production) business park, a ban on new construction, renovation, expansion of decentralized heating boilers, heating boilers should be dispersed in the original city, county, autonomous county people's government department in charge of market supervision prescribed period in the demolition; work not yet implemented central heating (production) business park has heating demand should be in the city, county, central heating implementation as soon as possible within the time limit prescribed Autonomous County people's government department in charge of market supervision and management, and removal of the original dispersion heating boilers.

What should be equipped with safety accessories harga boiler indomarine safety valve, explosion-proof doors, security seal, a low water level control alarms. Safety devices: a flow meter, pressure gauges, thermometers, fortune controller, water table and protection devices. Protection device: low water level alarm, low water interlock protection, vapor overpressure protection of the alarm and interlock devices, process control and ignition flameout protection devices. A safety valve the pressure in the boiler is controlled within the allowable range to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. When it exceeds a predetermined value, it can automatically open the exhaust steam, pressure relief, to prevent over-pressure boiler accident. Pressure gauge to measure the actual size of the boiler meter, pressure gauge value according fireman art, adjusting the lift of the boiler pressure, the boiler to ensure safety in the allowable working pressure. The role of water table is indicative of the high and low water level in the boiler, the water level in the boiler fireman help dynamic monitoring personnel to the boiler water level control in the normal magnitude of the boiler to prevent the occurrence of lack of water or full of water accidents. When the role of the vent is mild explosion in the furnace or the flue, can open their own relief, to avoid accidents and expand occur.