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10t Boiler Agent Commercial Kyrgyzstan

Comfortable life of people is inseparable from the northern winter heating 10t boiler agent commercial kyrgyzstan, normal, stable heat source is vital to people's lives. But the attendant is an increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the implementation of coal to gas policy without delay, using the gas hot water boiler is the general trend. In order to achieve green heating, the National Tourism Administration Service Center decided to phase out the existing coal-fired boilers, the introduction of clean and environmentally friendly gas hot water boiler. Fast boiler with their own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry cooperation gained the trust of the National Tourism Administration Service Center, and ultimately provide a vacuum hot water boiler (T6-2800 2 sets of 2.8MW by fast Boiler ).

Ultraten side heat exchanger element produced quickly added independent commercial condensing gas 10t boiler agent commercial kyrgyzstan design and development - wings tube, heat transfer efficiency is more than 5 times the normal heat transfer tubes, the same heat exchanger element more short design environment, a large save floor space boiler degree, compared with conventional gas boiler can save more than 40% of the area is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, schools and some smaller boiler room construction area sites.

The NaOH (4kg / m 3) and Na3PO4 (1.5kg / m 3) into the container, with the soft water soluble, and then pumped into the 10t boiler agent commercial kyrgyzstan furnace from a lower portion of the header. Note that to maintain a homogeneous solution of alkali concentration.

Vertical unassembled gas fired 10t boiler agent commercial kyrgyzstan(Vertical field assembled gas fired boiler) mostly adopts π-type layout and its design structure is similar to that of external circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler.