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In recent years, Ningbo municipal government attaches great importance to environmental protection, air pollution prevention and control work to strengthen the organization and leadership, the establishment of a multi-sectoral collaboration to air quality at the core of the atmospheric environment management systems. And introduced a new quality of atmospheric environment deadline for compliance plan, as follows.

Strict implementation of total coal consumption control, to further optimize energy consumption structure, strive to 2020, coal consumption accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption control in about 40% of coal consumption is not higher than 2011 levels, and completely cut coal province issued the task .

Strengthen management work focused on coal-fired projects, continue to promote the elimination of the transformation of small coal-fired boilers. 2019, phasing out 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and, in 2020, the county level and above urban area basically eliminated tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities; basically eliminated the city's 10 -35 steam t / h coal-fired boiler; 35 t steam / hour and more polluting fuels and ultra-low emissions energy boilers complete transformation.

Strengthening coal quality control, within the city limits the use of ash> 16%, sulfur> 1% low-quality coal, fuel encourage high value, low sulfur, low ash blending works. 2019, the establishment of the city's coal regular testing, sampling tests system. In 2020, the city's clean coal utilization rate of 90%.

Increase natural gas use, and actively promote major infrastructure construction official website of natural gas, LNG receiving station and other utilization of natural gas, natural gas Daly improve utilization levels.

Enhance the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. Actively promote advanced energy conservation projects integrated coal demonstration projects, large-scale generating units coal consumption reached the advanced level of the same type of unit.

Development of central heating, central heating project to optimize the layout, promote industrial parks focused on central heating. Focus on industry gathering area, industrial park development of cogeneration, and encourage qualified development of thermoelectric cooling area for the triple. Further improve the matching of heating pipe network, construction of efficient, fast heat pipe network. 300,000 kilowatts and above cogeneration power plant 15 kilometers behind the small coal-fired boilers and coal-fired thermoelectric heating within a radius of all closed down integration.

Step two: clean water, cleaning the equipment and supplier condensing boiler 2t russias connected, use water to wash cycle for 10 minutes to view system status, whether there is leak, with the rust washed off.

Three methods outlined in the current low nitrogen supplier condensing boiler 2t russia cleaning, nitrogen oxide emissions can remain in the low range, basically low nitrogen, low dust and low noise and other environmental requirements of low nitrogen boiler with the vast number of users. Meanwhile, the government is also actively promoting low nitrogen boiler renovation project in each region. However, professional low nitrogen boiler should be how to clean it, what kind of method? The next common method of cleaning the boiler went down specifically addressed. Method a: A low nitrogen bases washing agent alkaline detergents boilers to remove scale and other agents, particularly agents into operation is to be boiled in the boiler, when the boiler may not be pressurized, but no less than 24 hour. The advantage of this method is that cocoa lye recycling, the descaling cycle faster the better. But the drawback is too much drug consumption. Method two: the acid liquid nitrogen purge low boilers may be washed with an acid wash. Specific cleaning process using hydrochloric acid or nitric acid is then added qs inhibitor formulated in the pickling solution. The advantage of this method is that it is prepared by dissolving the scale to achieve the purpose of cleaning, the better the cleaning. However, operational problems, but also for low nitrogen boiler itself has a corrosive effect. Method three: mechanical cleaning mechanical cleaning is relatively simple, it refers to a low nitrogen boiler scale, if only temporarily shutdown, after cooling down the boiler, the boiler water is let go, rinse aid or spatula, wire brush and motorized milling tube like instrument to be cleaned. This method is labor intensive, the cleaning effect is poor, and easy to damage the boiler wall, in this way a relatively simple structure most suitable for small boilers, but the number should not be excessive. For low nitrogen boiler cleaning, but also according to the capacity of the boiler, press water quality to determine the cleaning cycle, in general, large-scale boilers shortest wash cycle, two to three years time; medium-sized boiler three to five years time; small boiler longest interval, usually four to six years time. Through the above description of the method of cleaning the boiler, I believe we are about to carry out periodic cleaning of the boiler, and under what circumstances the best got to know which method should be used. Only selected high-quality, durable low nitrogen boilers, boiler work and do a good job cleaning the boiler low nitrogen, in order to maximize the minimum security risk in exchange for the use value.

Steam supplier condensing boiler 2t russia steam valve material and how to reduce the water content: this kind of boiler steam boiler, which is not only common and popular types of boilers, and for us, need to know and understand the subject, because it is one Website . So, based on these two points, below, will continue its work of learning to advance the process of the product, so that we can reach the predetermined objectives and requirements as soon as possible. 1. steam boiler valve, which is why the material? Steam boiler valve, which is in the material, mainly to see how much steam pressure boiler, as it is determined. In general, if the general pressure, is the choice of cast iron, if the pressure is high, it is cast. Further, the valve will be denoted by the pressure level, such GN0.6, GN1.0, GN1.6 like these. 2. How to reduce the moisture content of the steam boiler steam? This, then, if you want to achieve, it is not difficult, because there are many of its methods, such as the addition of cyclone wind from these steam separator plate separator device, as well, due to lower operating water level of the drum, to increase water separation space, in this way, you can achieve the above purpose, but the concrete, but also the actual situation, because, by which it decided to adopt effective measures to.