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boiler solid fuel boiler

If you do not know how to operate steam boiler solid fuel boiler:

Method one: find a boiler operator to help, and of course, you will pay for it.

Configure and use on steam boiler solid fuel boiler water supply equipment should look out for steam boiler feed water requirements of the equipment four points: (1) steam boiler feed water system shall ensure safe and reliable water supply. (2) steam boiler should spare water supply equipment. And the number of spare capacity and a water supply device is arranged water supply system, the following request should be satisfied: ① boiler up to two due to the pump work stand ** (one spare). ② Two capacity to pump, not less than 120% of the nominal overall operation of the boiler and the amounts of evaporation. ③ When the boiler room above three feed pump apparatus, which feed water total capacity should be: when the maximum capacity of a feed pump deactivation, the remaining capacity can always run parallel to the pump is not less than the rated boiler all running evaporated 120% of the sum of the amounts. (3) to the pump head (i.e., height of the water column required to overcome the static pressure of the respective dynamic pressure) should be greater than or equal to the algebraic sum of the following: ① water pressure drop difference water supply system (water column hydrostatic) and the water supply system. ② hot water boiler safety valve at the design pressure set pressure. ③ economizer system pressure drop drum. ④ The above three multiplied by the algebraic sum of the amount of 1.05-1.1 rich as appropriate.

Luhai Gang, president of the other fast adhere to the strategic line of innovation and upgrading, were described in detail in terms of product innovation, research and development laboratory building construction, upgrade production lines, one-stop information management, so that you fully understand the fast boiler solid fuel boiler dealers in the market competition It has a brand, confidence in the next cooperation. Director of sales for the upcoming new products "Thalia T6" to explain. This is a set of premix combustion technology, wings tube condensing technology as one of the Subversive vacuum boiler, can meet various needs of users, or vacuum boiler industry will bring a new trend.

Simple and robust construction allowing for quick and easy inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

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