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steam boilers in sri lanka

The steam temperature of a steam boilers in sri lanka refers to the temperature of the outlet steam, and the rated steam capacity is the power of the steam boiler, which is generally expressed in tph. The rated steam pressure refers to the steam pressure at the outlet of the boiler, which is generally expressed in MPa. The demand for steam pressure varies from place to place, and conventional steam use places such as hospitals and factories generally use low-pressure steam. High pressure steam is often used as a power source.

Fangkuai boiler for you to sort out 30 boiler operation common problems and solutions, after learning, do not forget to share with your friends oh. 1, why chemical cleaning of newly installed and overhauled boilers? In the process of manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance of boiler, it is inevitable that some impurities such as dirt, iron chips, welding slag, iron oxide and so on will be produced and glued to the pressure parts of the steam and water system in the process of manufacture, transportation, installation and maintenance. As soon as these impurities enter the steam-water system in operation, they will do great harm to the boilers and steam turbines. Therefore, the boilers before they are installed and overhauled must be chemically cleaned to remove them. 2. What are the rules for the time and temperature of water supply before boiler start-up? Why? The inlet speed of boiler before start-up should not be too fast, usually no less than 4 hours in winter, 2-3 hours in other seasons, especially in the initial stage of water intake. The inlet water temperature of a cold boiler is generally at 50 ℃ 90 ℃, so that the difference between the feed water temperature entering the drum and the wall temperature of the drum is less than 40 ℃. The inlet water temperature of the uncooled boiler can be compared with the drum wall temperature, and the general difference should be controlled within 40 ℃, otherwise the inlet water speed should be slowed down. The main reasons are as follows: (1) because the drum wall is thicker and the expansion is slow, the tube wall connected to the drum wall is thinner and the expansion is faster. If the inlet temperature is too high or the inlet speed is too fast, it will cause unevenness of expansion, crack of welding joint and damage of equipment. (2) when the feed water enters the drum, it always contacts the lower wall of the drum first. If the difference between the feed water temperature and the drum wall temperature is too large, the speed of entering water is fast, the upper and lower walls of the drum and the inner and outer walls will produce a larger expansion difference. Cause large additional stress to steam drum, cause steam drum deformation, produce crack 3 when serious, how does the low temperature corrosion of tail heated surface produce? Formation of SO2,SO2 from sulfur Combustion in fuel combined with oxygen in flue Gas to form SO3, when the temperature of the heating surface is lower than the dew point of the flue gas The steam in flue gas is combined with SO3 to form sulphuric acid steam, which condenses on the heated surface and results in low temperature corrosion of the heated surface. The cold end of air preheater is prone to low temperature corrosion. 4, when the emergency shutdown? (1) when the drum water level exceeds the limit. (2) when all water level gauges of the boiler are damaged. (3) explosion of superheated steam pipeline, reheated steam pipeline and main water supply pipeline. (4) when reburning occurs at the end of the boiler. (5) all suction, fan and air preheater stop operation. (6) when reheating steam is interrupted. (7) Boiler pressure rises to safe door operating pressure, and all When the safety door refuses to move. (8) when an explosion occurs in the furnace or in the flue causing serious damage to the equipment. (9) when a boiler extinguishes a fire. (10) when a fire breaks out in the boiler room, it will directly affect the safe operation of the boiler. (11) when the furnace tube blasting cannot maintain the normal water level of the drum. (12) when all operator stations are blackscreen or crash at the same time and the main parameters are out of control. 5, how do I flush the drum water level meter? There are three processes for flushing the water level gauge: water side flushing: opening the drain gate, closing the steam side door, opening the water side door; steam side flushing: opening the discharge door, closing the water side door, opening the steam side door; Open the discharge door, open the steam side door, open the water side door. Rinse and close the drain door.

Furnace gas steam boilers in sri lanka maintenance in peacetime, when we use gas steam boiler is to do the maintenance of the furnace, this device is the most important part, if we do not protect the device if the time at work is prone to problems , which we must use the time to pay attention to good. so what needs to pay attention to it at the time of furnace maintenance equipment, today gave us about you, so we will not have a problem when in use. the first is to pay attention to good hole cleaning furnace, in this arrangement there will be a lot of holes, these holes has long been the invasion of steam, easy to accumulate dirt, so we must use the time to pay attention to a good deal in this regard, so there will not be any problem, but also to ensure the smooth working of the gas steam boiler followed furnace cleaning up the time to pay attention to the use of good equipment, the use of different tools to clean the effect achieved is not the same, we in dealing with the selection tool does not hurt to try to clean, so has the effect is certainly good, but also to the usual maintenance Notes Okay, so there is no premature damage.

Recently, the Shuangyashan City, thoroughly implement the first meeting of the Central and the National Finance Committee, the province's environmental protection spirit of the General Assembly to further implement the "State Council on the issuance of winning the Battle of Blue Sky's three-year action plan" to do "atmosphere ten" task finishing verification and improve air quality living environment for the residents to protect the health of the people, combined with the actual situation, the specific "Shuangyashan City 2018 air pollution control implementation plan."

"Plan" focused on job content is to carry out comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, effectively reduce coal pollution. Of built-up urban area shutdown, demolition, instead of using biomass fuel boiler inspection, investigation and comprehensive urban fringe areas built-up area if there is a new violation, missing, incomplete elimination of small coal-fired boilers, to eliminate incomplete, missing, "resurgence" boiler promptly dealt with severely, and formed out of work ledger, as planned phase-out. Existing "clear" action identified 28 small coal-fired boilers, before the end of September 2018, to phase out the "cleared" of work, and in strict accordance with the requirements "a furnace" during the establishment phase out the boiler archives for future reference. Planning the construction of central heating heat source, heat accelerate network construction and transformation progress, constantly expanding area of ​​central heating and central heating ratio; advancing coal to gas, coal to electricity and other clean energy alternatives, to promote industrial parks and industrial clusters concentrated heat source, steam source facilities.

Battle of blue sky and started "out of coal-fired boilers" special action to start the county (district) level urban built-up area of ​​10 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler, tea furnace, operating coal-fired kitchen stove and other facilities, grain storage coal drying equipment out of work. County (district) to co-ordinate well out of work, organized a special team completed a comprehensive investigation of the status quo area coal-fired boilers, establish a list out of coal-fired boilers, the production out of specific programs, and to work out the boiler out of subsidies. Before the end of the first to eliminate a large number of pollution levels, residents reacted strongly to the coal-fired facilities.