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4t Seller Boiler Machine Azerbaijan

Second, decontamination

Decontamination disposed in the boiler room and the indoor inlet duct system, it can be efficiently separated from the water residue. But practice shows that the separation effect is limited. If the decontamination inlet disposed in the boiler room, it is almost no separation.

After the steam 4t seller boiler machine azerbaijan 1. Disable Maintenance selection months boiler shutdown should be used in the above dry desiccant process. 2. Shutdown of 1-3 months can be used sodium nitrite or alkaline process method. 3. boiler stop running, can start within 24 hours, holding pressure method may be employed. For intermittent operation or downtime in the boiler within a week of this method can also be used. But it must be done in the furnace pressure above atmospheric pressure. Found a slight decrease in pressure fire must be timely boost. 4. When the boiler is stopped due to maintenance, the drying method employed. When not required, such as drainage, retention pressure method may be employed. After the boiler overhaul, if not promptly put into operation. It should be based on the length of downtime boiler using appropriate protective measures. 5. wet protection, boiler room temperature is preferably maintained at above 10 ℃, not below 0 ℃, avoid freezing equipment.

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Henan gas hot water 4t seller boiler machine azerbaijan brands? Gas hot water boiler is mainly used in district heating systems, schools, hotels, large resorts, industrial, pharmaceutical and other industries. Because natural gas is one of the new energy in line with the current national environmental protection requirements, and boiler applications in the industry also has its own advantages at the, therefore, the application of gas hot water boiler in the market is relatively broad. A gas hot water boiler brand good or not, is from all aspects of process, boiler application technology, quality and service boilers and other comprehensive consideration. Currently, gas hot water boiler are not too many brand of Henan Province, Zhengzhou is one of the fast side, since its inception to date, whether it is from the quality of products or services from, a lot of customers have been praised. Gas hot water boiler according to boiler parameters, as well as differences in the type of use, technical inputs are all different, so we choose the brand of the boiler at the same time, we must live according to their actual situation boiler reasonable Selection.