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1 Ton Boiler Brand Armenia

Condensing 1 ton boiler brand armenia technology together to understand 1. What is the calorific value of the fuel? A: The amount of heat per unit mass of the complete combustion of the fuel at the time of heat emitted is referred to as the fuel. 2. What is the fuel of high calorific value and net calorific value? A: The calorific value of fuel into high calorific value and net calorific value. Refers to all of the gross calorific value of the heat released when 1Kg complete combustion, flue gas comprising water vapor is condensed to release latent heat of vaporization of water. From a high calorific value fuels deducting latent heat of vaporization of water vapor in the flue gas, said the calorific value of the fuel. Obviously, greater than the gross calorific value in the calorific value, the difference of latent heat of vaporization of water vapor. Natural gas, for example, high fever which is about 9500kcal / m3, the low heat generation is about 8600kcal / m3, a difference of about 900kcal / m3, representing approximately 11% of the calorific value. 3, why the thermal efficiency of the boiler will be greater than 100%? A: Because the actual calorific heat when the closest industrial boiler combustion, commonly used in design calculations, that the efficiency of the boiler is not considered original exhaust accounts for 11% of that part of the latent heat of vaporization, the thermal efficiency of the boiler in general from 90 to 92%. Therefore, when lower calorific value calculation in boiler efficiency, such as the use of vaporization latent heat of condensation in the art and the use of part of the exhaust gas sensible heat, efficiency may be greater than 100%. 4, with a condenser boiler if you can not? A: August 30, 2010 AQSIQ issued TSGG0002-2010 "boiler energy saving technical supervision and management regulations", according to "Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment" provides "high energy-consuming special equipment supervision and management of energy-saving measures" in this Regulation the boiler design, manufacture, installation, alteration, maintenance and use of energy-saving and other aspects of work put forward specific demands, has great significance for energy conservation boiler specification. 5, the relevant excerpts of important provisions: Article VIII: Boiler Exhaust Gas Temperature should consider the security and economy of the boiler, and meet the following requirements :( a) Rated evaporation is less than 1t h steam boiler /, no more than 230 ℃. (Ii) Rated evaporation is less than 0.7MW steam boiler, not higher than 180 ℃. (C) greater than or equal to the rated evaporated 1t / h of steam boilers and thermal power rating equal to or greater than 0.7MW hot water boiler is not higher than 170 ℃. (Iv) less than or equal to the rated thermal power of the boiler 1.4MW organic heat carrier is not higher than the inlet temperature of the medium 50 ℃. (V) organic heat boiler rated thermal power is greater than 1.4MW of not higher than 170 ℃. Article 23 in a natural gas-fired boilers, appropriate semi-condensed or condensed tail full heat exchange device, the flue gas heat recovery. Article 26 boiler boiler manufacturer shall provide products to use units of energy efficiency test report. Energy efficiency energy efficiency testing should be determined by the State Administration of Quality Supervision boiler testing agencies.

Third, the installation of blowdown or heat exchanger.

To the steam boiler blowdown installed on the heat exchanger or boiler blowdown recycle, and subjected to rigorous controls to ensure emissions below 5%, and if the best conditions to control below 2%. In addition, heat may also be recovered by utilizing a trap device expansion, so that the work holder can also trap properly. Trap in the steam condensate, water quality is often good, it comes from the quality of the boiler feed water, the recovery process can also save the cost of water.

Boiler sub-cylinder pressure is too great attributes and what reasons: For the 1 ton boiler brand armenia, first to ask a few questions, which specifically is: sub-cylinder boilers, which is to annex it? For boiler boiler worker, work permits that should be examined once how long? And that on the pressure, if the static and dynamic pressure difference is too large, why? Since the problem has been that the following work is to explain and answer so that we can learn to understand clearly. 1. boiler sub-cylinder, which is part of the boiler attachment? Sub-cylinder boilers, which is part of boiler accessories, so, on this issue, which is answered in the affirmative. Moreover, this attachment, the operator is generally convenient to operate at a position that the role of the boiler is a steam manifold, and then conveyed out into several paths, so easy to adjust, and the subsequent utilization.

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