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Low Price 4t Condensing Boiler

Saturated gas steam low price 4t condensing boiler steam load is regulated mainly how to change the amount of fuel to change the provisioning saturated steam load. Increasing fuel, gas steam boiler by increasing the amount of heat generated more saturated steam, thereby increasing the load, the fuel will lead to decrease saturated steam load reduction. Second, the saturation change valve gas steam boiler feed-out opening of the steam piping should also change the saturated steam load (load reduction valve switch ambassador, the small valve is closed the load increases)

Secondly, we must pay attention to check the work of the various configurations low price 4t condensing boiler. Heat exchanger or other parts of the book appeared scaling phenomenon, even if it is a small amount, can not be ignored if found, to conduct investigation and deal with immediately.

Boiler shutdown within the first 6h, need to close all the smoke, because wind baffles and the door: the normal cooling and low price 4t condensing boiler shutdown after emergency cooling, in the first 6h after shutdown are identical, are required to close all smoke, wind, and the bezel door. When the difference is that the normal cooling, can be opened after shutdown 6h cited blower baffle natural ventilation, while emergency cooling, allowing 6h after shutdown and start the induced draft fan ventilation Sheung strengthening, accelerated cooling to turn on the water .

Recently, the district government Qingyang City, Gansu Province, deputy head of Xifeng Wang Chao organized a remediation coal-fired low price 4t condensing boilers will promote the work. By the township (street), the head of district straight relevant departments attended the meeting.

Written meeting issued atmospheric district office "notice Leading Group Office of Air Pollution Prevention " About forwarding; Qingyang City, Xifeng Branch is responsible for the ecological environment who informed the progress of the remediation coal-fired boilers, arrangements for the next step remediation work.

Wang Chao requires that all relevant units must concentrate efforts to promote coal-fired boiler renovation, remediation to the control list, in strict accordance with the "three three must" requirements, to promote catch, this area, this system is not in place of coal industry regulation boiler immediately carry out concentration and control, to ensure that the work complete, fully put in place. To collaborate actively cooperate with the township (street) mainly clear time limit for rectification and reform measures, solid progress. To strictly control inventory and remediation remediation standards of accountability and strengthen supervision of the ideological hesitation wait and see, action is delayed, focus on promoting renovation is not complete unit, accountability seriously investigated.