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10 Ton Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler

Risk factors for gas steam boiler steam boiler gas boiler risk factors get in the industrial field has been widely used. However, the safety of heat transfer oil boiler has been neglected. Safety heat oil boiler is not only related to the normal operation of the plant, also related to the safety and efficiency of the staff of the enterprise. security issues heat transfer oil boiler should be aroused widespread concern in the community, its vital security issues. pot body portion and a body portion of the furnace for gas-fired boiler, the occurrence of physical experience pot explosion. for liquid boiler, the boiler combustion flame in the furnace section, if the boiler burning coal, there will be a burning fire, gas and fuel boiler chemical explosion. gas boiler is a highly dangerous material having high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive and other characteristics. in practice, these reasons, we could cause some problems negligence or illegal operation, so inevitably lay hidden dangers. first, you must ensure that safety heat transfer oil boiler. in use of the device, the device needs to be checked regularly to ensure that the heat transfer oil boiler heating system in good shape , The strength of the wall of the pressure equipment and devices to check that there is no problem; Second, employees must strictly follow the instructions Due to the special nature of the gas steam boiler, inflammable and explosive materials pose a security risk, the operator must be trained. familiar with the device structure, operating strictly in accordance with the articles of association; third, to ensure that the gas does not mix with water vapor gas steam can not be mixed with low-boiling substances and explosive substances, otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

In recent years, the state environmental protection is all the more attention we as a company with the times, in order to respond positively to the implementation of the national environmental protection requirements from coal to gas project. But the choice of boiler suppliers in this area quite a headache, after repeated comparison and investigation, we chose to partner with fast boiler. Fang did not disappoint quickly proved that the recommended boiler operation after use to fully meet our needs, both energy saving and environmental protection, high thermal efficiency, to a certain extent, cost savings for our fuel. --customer feedback

Gas 10 ton coal fired hot water boiler and coal-fired hot water boiler What is the difference? Boiler There are many different types of coal-fired hot water boiler is called coal-fired boilers, which burn gas is called the gas hot water boiler. Well, apart from the name calling is not the same, not the same fuel used in addition to, what difference there is between the gas hot water boiler and coal-fired boilers do? Here versatile efficient and practical to introduce the gas hot water boiler manufacturers. 1, there is the environmental impact of the difference we all know that coal burning when smoke will emerge, these scattered black smoke into the air pollution on the environment which, therefore, coal-fired coal-fired hot water boiler in the use of the process there will be a lot of black smoke, the environment can also cause a very bad influence. However, the gas hot water boiler gas, combustion gas is sufficiently, so use will not have a smoke discharge, wherein gas containing not cause damage to the environment. 2, heat loss generated by coal-fired boilers are different often requires manual or auxiliary equipment will be added continuously to burn coal to the furnace, when the pressure of the fire will cause greater heat loss, if the manufacturer is intermittent when the coal-fired hot water boiler starts up again, the furnace temperature you want to raise to the desired temperature will take a long time. However, the gas hot water boiler can quickly increase the temperature of the furnace, so as to reduce the loss generated when the batch operation. 3, the post-combustion treatment there is a solid body difference coal, coal ash will be generated after combustion, coal ash can not be disposable, it is necessary to transport it to a special slag field. Gas hot water boiler is a gas, the gas is not generated in the combustion of solid waste, and therefore no need to do special processing after the combustion. Thus, coal-fired and gas-fired hot water boiler hot water boiler, although only one word, but a huge difference, and that's obvious, gas hot water boiler has the advantage of more aspects than coal-fired hot water boiler, Therefore, the company could do some good gas hot water boiler which brand, sourcing high quality and reliable gas hot water boiler to use.

So how should a company choose the right boiler?

Determining the right boiler is not a simple matter. After all, there are many aspects involved in purchasing a boiler. This requires communication with various parties such as technical design teams, companies, governments, etc. Here is a brief description of how to choose the right boiler.

1. First, you need to determine the type of boiler (hot water boiler, steam boiler, etc.). Customers can choose the type of boiler according to the application of the boiler, the environment, the company's industry and other information.

2. Capacity. The customer can estimate the boiler capacity based on information such as the environmental area of ​​the boiler application (such as the area where the heating boiler needs heating and the size of the heating boiler).

3. Fuel. The fuel used in the boiler, the boiler that the customer needs to use (biomass, coal, natural gas, oil, etc.), which requires a combination of information.