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Boiler Machine 8t Manufacturers Georgia

When the boiler machine 8t manufacturers georgia, paying particular attention to what the problem: increasingly stringent environmental requirements, many companies before purchasing high-polluting fuel, coal-fired boilers are faced with the shutdown or out of the transformation process. Many companies just purchase soon boiler or well-maintained, no elimination, the transformation process can be carried out directly on the body.

To implement the central authorities on the construction of ecological civilization and major decisions and plans, "the Jiangsu provincial government office on efforts to reduce coal year 2019 work" (Su Zheng Ban Fa ﹝ 2019 ﹞ 45) requirements, carry out the "263" special action, continued reduction of non-electric industry (including captive power plant) coal consumption, in the middle of this month, Nanjing people's government Office issued the "Nanjing 2019 work program minus coal." Compared with the 2016 base, the city of Nanjing in 2019 non-industrial enterprises in the coal power industry regulations reduction target is 3.88 million tons, 13.3 million tons less than total control.

"Plan" clearly requires, Nanjing will further reduce the implementation of industrial coal, increase the elimination of backward production capacity and inefficient excess capacity Yajian efforts to accelerate the implementation of the chemical industry regulation to enhance and accelerate the implementation of Nangang, Meishan Steel coke production capacity out of work year after year, to speed up eliminate backward production capacity of coal, cement clinker production capacity in an orderly exit.

At the same time, to promote structural reduction of coal, the implementation of ecological and environmental protection requirements of the Yangtze River economic belt along the Yangtze River to promote the orderly relocation of key enterprises and industrial transformation and upgrading, the city's coal consumption structure and strive to achieve a fundamental change; accelerate the aging coal-fired non-compliance unit outage work.

According to the requirements, "plan" put forward, Nanjing will also strengthen reduce coal progress warning. Less coal combined monthly schedules, reducing the monthly publication Coal risk warning, the cumulative assessment carried out in accordance with the red, yellow and green three levels. Less progress of coal coal consumption does not exceed a custom schedule for the green light; cumulative coal consumption over a predetermined schedule within 2% of the yellow light, will be issued urge communicated, to be a reminder and a warning; the cumulative coal consumption over a predetermined plan of 2% or more for the red light, will be relevant area (park) conduct interviews, and urge them to implement technical, administrative and other measures to encourage companies to reduce coal consumption over consumption.

How to determine dry steam boiler machine 8t manufacturers georgia apparatus generates an accident when the minimum water level height inferior already defined, but is still able to see the water meter water height, is slightly less water; see count was observed when the water level of water is less than the height, severe lack of water. Status summarized as follows: (1) conventional water drum water height inferior to the height defined; (2) low level alarm, sound warning devices, flash lights from; (3) the temperature of superheated steam to improve the water vapor; (4) does not enter a conventional water , less than the amount of steam; (5) steam temperature increase smoke emissions.

Coal consumption and coal-fired steam boiler machine 8t manufacturers georgias of some commonly used models: For this kind of boiler coal-fired steam boilers, because it is one of the website product, so it should be familiar with and understand, at least, can not be ignorant. Therefore, based on the above requirements, the following will be immediately proceed to leave you inspired and in some gains, and at the same time, also can add some expertise. 1.8t / h coal-fired steam boiler, its coal consumption per hour, how much is? 8t / h coal-fired steam boilers, coal per hour which, in general, can be calculated, and the specific calculation thereof, are as follows: 1 ton coal-fired steam boiler, the required amount of heat is 600,000 kcal / hour, taking into account the calorific value of the two types of bituminous coal, and thermal efficiency of the boiler, which is about 75%. Then, based on these data, it can be concluded that the coal-fired steam boiler, which is the amount of coal per hour for 145.5kg.