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10t Industrial Boiler Machine Estonia

Heating an area of ​​10,000 square meters, it requires much gas 10t industrial boiler machine estonia our front-line consultants told us that many users in consultation with the heating gas boiler, first ask "me so much heating area, several tons of boiler you can meet ah? "and so, today, we have to 10,000 m2 heating area, for example, the selection of several tons of gas boiler is a brief introduction. Under normal circumstances, the factors affecting the selection of an integrated gas heating boiler, heating area of ​​10,000 square meters, probably need about 3.6MW hot water boiler capacity. But this is an ideal situation, 3.6mw gas hot water boiler conversion at approximately equal to 5 tons of hot water boiler. Fast boiler production of one ton boiler can basically meet the heating area of ​​10,000 square feet, which is very good data, after all, the greater the tonnage of the boiler, the boiler, the higher the price. If in the arctic regions, and heating the building belongs to the old building, the use of gas-fired boiler capacity will increase, and may even take up to 7 tons, 8 tons of hot water boiler in order to protect the user wants to reach room temperature. Factors Affecting gas heating boiler tonnage selection: 1, the user is expected to reach room temperature; 2, - heating the length, width, height, and other structural features of the presence or absence of the room partition; 3, heating the target material which type of structure (whether saving, how insulation performance); 4, characteristics and other areas where the heating target. (Eg the same building, in the south and northeast of the required size of the boiler will be very different).

Gas 10t industrial boiler machine estonia simple structure, convenient operation, and the use of advanced intelligent control system. By monitoring the pressure transmission boilers, water level, temperature and other models, in order to control the overall operation of the boiler.

Different types of gas steam 10t industrial boiler machine estonia structure and technical characteristics: Boiler manufacturing industry gradually been improved and developed in trial and error, now on the market boiler, gas steam boiler classification clear, but many users new to the boiler for the boiler structure and technical characteristics less clear, fast boiler for your brief gas steam boiler several representative.

This is our first collaboration with fast 10t industrial boiler machine estonia, professional and caring service fast boiler's impressed us. From pre-sales advice to after-sales guidance, every step is very careful and thoughtful. They provide hot water boiler performance is also very good, and effectively improve the level of our heating units. --customer feedback