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Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, the transformation of coal-fired boiler factory morocco control policy in accordance with the latest introduction of the "not big on the small" principle to give "Yijiangdaibu" financial support to owners of units, specific subsidies are as follows:

1, for a single 1 ton / hour or more than 0.7 megawatts of clean energy and coal-fired boilers by 100,000 yuan to subsidize steam tons of standard /.

2, coal-fired heating boilers mentioned standard governance and meet the national air pollutant emission limits in particular boiler, according to subsidize 50,000 yuan / ton steam standards, subsidies does not exceed 30% of the total investment quota.

3, for a single 1 ton / hour or 0.7 megawatts of utility units (including schools, health centers, hospitals, neighborhood or township government offices and other public units) clean energy transformation of coal-fired heating boilers in accordance with the actual heating area subsidies, allowances of 100 yuan / square meter.

Between the steam boiler factory morocco and boiler for the general difference is greater than what? Steam boiler how to use? Steam product more categories, you can boil water, you can also transfer energy through the use of fuel, the fuel is converted into steam, and in many areas even able to interview and bath, which has become the current overall composition of steam boilers, steam boiler, the system includes an ignition system, air supply system, steam boiler two categories, it must guarantee a certain amount of ventilation.

Presentation on the parameters of the hot water boiler factory morocco gas hot water boiler, in our country at this stage, mainly used for domestic heating and domestic hot water, laundry and sterilization, cooking, cooking, cleaning. Pressure, temperature and heat for hot water is a reflection of the boiler characteristic physical quantities, the basic technical parameters of hot water boiler. Use hot water boiler must understand these technical parameters, allow the boiler to better serve our production and life. Heat for hot water boiler for hot water boiler, also known as heat boiler capacity, power boiler. It refers to the supply of heat in the boiler unit of time, in the past expressed kcal / h, and now China's legal unit uses megawatts MW, KW KW to represent, there are some people expressed in tons of hot water boiler output size, such as 2 tons of hot water boiler in your company to give me what price? It is wrong to say, there is no such industry units and argument. Hot water boiler for heat is determined by the heating load. During the heating period of a time zone, the amount of circulating hot water boiler is constant, the temperature rise of the hot water boiler (for the difference between the temperature of the return water) that is reflected in the size of the boiler output (load), and therefore, the thermal regulation or control i.e., the temperature of the boiler water supply control or regulation of the boiler load. Hot boiler water temperature hot water boiler water temperature, return water temperature, according to standard are marked on the nameplate GB316682. The actual boiler for hot water, return water temperature according to weather conditions during the heating and the heating requirements of the decision. The adjustment method for heating in winter, there is a change of mass of the boiler water temperature adjustment, changing the circulation flow rate adjusting an amount of the boiler, therefore, the hot water boiler water temperature can change according to need. Nameplate pressure hot water boiler design pressure of the boiler and the actual operating pressure is different. Nameplate pressure hot water boiler is a boiler manufacturer according to the national standard GB316682 hot water boiler series product design parameter, which represents the working pressure hot water boiler. The actual working pressure hot water boiler is determined by the operating pressure of the circulation pump, which is generally lower than the pressure plate. To prevent the boiler water, water vaporization occurs, the pot should be maintained to some extent a pressure above the saturation pressure at the corresponding temperature.

Production in recent years, the foreign use of flue gas condensation heat of water vapor condensing boiler factory moroccos rapid growth. Condensing boiler thermal efficiency, less harmful substances into the atmosphere, energy saving and environmental advantages. 1999 condensing boiler production in Europe was 15.6 million units, the biggest sales in the UK sales to $ 83.7 million, the largest number of units sold in Germany, 4.59 million units. Cast iron and steel condensing boilers accounted for 96%, but stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper condensing boilers share is growing rapidly. Germany pressurized burner type, accounting for 80% of the total number of units sold, while in the United Kingdom, Italy's most popular atmospheric burners boiler. Germany due to the government's plans to update the existing boiler equipment, condensing boilers market a few years ago sales surge in sales in 1999 than in 1994 increased nearly three-fold.