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Boiler For Sale 8t

In late May 2018, Hedong District, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, the District Construction Committee, District Bureau for approval jointly held low nitrogen gas boiler for sale 8t reconstruction work will push for the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau atmosphere at the meeting of May 18 Air pollution control work in progress briefing involves the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, convey the contents of the meeting and introduced the progress of work and experience low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction of other counties.

Clear four key tasks meeting: First, all gas boiler units must be in accordance with the time node, complete technical solutions before the end of May to develop and expert appraisal work;

Second, according to the requirements of the minutes of the 49th executive meeting of the district government, the units shall, not later project work next week to start the project, and accelerating project bidding, project construction to ensure completion before the end of September;

Third, the units should seriously accordance with the "Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of Finance on the issuance of Tianjin Gas boiler low nitrogen fixed subsidy reconstruction project implementation approach" (environmentally friendly gas-chun [2017] No. 171), "on the issuance of Tianjin Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau letter fixed subsidy acceptance requirements of low nitrogen gas boiler reconstruction project "(Tianjin environmental Protection memo No. [2017] 406) and" Municipal environmental Protection Bureau Municipal market supervision Commission letter of relevant work requirements transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler "(Jin Han [green gas the relevant procedures 2018] No. 92) requirements, preparing project application and acceptance, with particular attention to security issues in the process of transformation of the project, to ensure that emissions meet the standard requirements after the transformation;

Industrial boiler for sale 8ts Defects Defect Analysis industrial boilers cause defects industrial boilers cause analysis Analysis of the industrial boiler plant boiler Class B, rated working pressure 1.0MPa, rated temperature 184 ℃. The use of unit management personnel, operations personnel safety awareness is not high, not strictly enforce the boiler safety management system, boiler water (medium) quality system; the water softener fails, safety consciousness, not timely maintenance. The company location no water, use of pond water. Since untreated pond water containing suspended matter, colloidal matter large excessive, and dissolved substances. Water hardness, long-term use, inside the boiler large amounts of sediment, the carbonate and concentrated attached to the inner surface of the casing pot, water wall tubes; fireman failure to periodically discharge of the sewage system for the boiler. Since the interior of the waterwall tubes attached to a thicker scale, lack of reliable water supply water wall, resulting in performance degradation wall heat transfer, caused by overheating of the metal, plastic deformation strength decreases, under pressure inside, generating bulge, deformation, severe boiler explosion occurred.

When the water in the steam load boiler for sale 8t evaporation, steam pressure rises; when the steam load is less than the amount of evaporation, the vapor pressure is decreased. Adjustment of steam for evaporation is adjusted, and the amount of evaporation in turn depends on the size of the boiler combustion conditions, thus reflecting the change in vapor pressure balance between the load and the combustion boiler. When enhanced combustion, evaporation is increased; when the combustion reduced, evaporation is reduced. Therefore, when the load increases, should first strengthen the wind, and then increase the air supply and fuel, enhanced combustion; when the load is reduced, should reduce fuel and reduce air, thus weakening burn, do so relatively safe, but also boiler steam pressure to maintain stability. High pressure hot water boilers, hot water boilers increase in the components subjected to stress, likely to cause damage or affect life expectancy. Especially when the vapor pressure is too high and boiler safety valve without action, explosion prone to accidents. Even if the steam pressure is increased to cause the safety valve, the steam will escape from the safety valve will cause greater heat loss and affect the performance of the safety valve closed.

Firstly, the thermal efficiency of the boiler for sale 8t is generally ordinary only 85% -91%, while the thermal efficiency of condensing boilers are generally higher than 100%, fast boiler manufacturers thermal efficiency condensing boilers even reach 108% of higher. This extra 10% to 20% will come from the use of condensing boiler technology into full play the effectiveness of sensible heat and latent heat reached. Ordinary boiler exhaust gas temperature is high, the water vapor produced during combustion of the fuel are discharged with the flue gas from the breathing tube, a large part of the heat loss. This part of the condensing heat recovery furnace by heating return water heating system and then to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler by reducing the exhaust gas temperature. In the same amount of gas consumption, the lower the return water heating system, furnace thermal efficiency of the condensing heat recovery boiler, the more the higher. Third, differences in treatment scale