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fire tube boiler process

The bed temperature control parameters directly affect the important safety CFB fire tube boiler process can run continuously, but also directly affects the generation of boiler operation of the desulfurization efficiency and NOx. Usually ultra high temperature CFB boiler bed temperature control between 790V~900 ° C, the temperature of the furnace is the optimum temperature to achieve desulfurization. Not only will decrease the bed temperature is too low boiler efficiency, it will result in the boiler unstable and prone to fire. Bed temperature is too high will cause the furnace desulfurization efficiency decreases and the amount of NOx will be greatly increased, but also likely to cause material coking furnace bed, and if the situation coking furnace bed material must be shutdown occurs. Therefore bed temperature control is critical for ultra-high temperature boiler CFB.

In October 2016, my company and the China Dunhuang International Hotel signed a ZWNSL2.1-1.0 / W-Y.Q vacuum condensing gas hot water fire tube boiler process to provide heating and hot water for the hotel. The boiler implementing the response to the national policy of environmental protection requirements and local environmental protection departments on a series of low nitrogen emission standard boiler requirements, in terms of design, manufacture, installation and other sectors have strict checks to ensure that the boiler safe and stable operation.

Which fire tube boiler process needs to remove dirt alkali cooking? Rust and dirt inside the boiler only affects the output, wasted fuel, reduce steam quality, but also cause overheating burning heating surface, so the timely removal of rust, grease, dirt in the boiler is necessary. Boiler scale commonly used pickling and alkali cooking method to remove, but which require boiler base crabbing? 1. newly installed boilers or pressure element through repair, alteration boiler. Because a certain amount of the boiler into the interior rust, grease and dirt in the manufacture, repair and installation process. 2. Run the knot born some time a certain scale, but does not meet the conditions of the pickling boiler version 99 "boiler chemical cleaning rules." 3. Run a warm period, especially in the Northeast region of China is generally used for heating hot water boilers, and rated each boiler for heat mostly no more than 4.2MW, and the water is basically surface water, suspended solids in water more, after running for some time, more dirt pot residue, after running the heating period, immediately boiling out cleaning, otherwise it will cause electrochemical corrosion under the scale boiler and shorten the life of the boiler

2, different tonnage fire tube boiler process

If the boiler output before and after the transformation of the transformation of the different requirements, we recommend that the boiler main and auxiliary equipment to make adjustments, appropriate to increase or decrease, steam pipes and heat pipe should be adjusted according to the actual situation.