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6t Diesel Hot Water Boiler

A method of cleaning a boiler, a chemical cleaning process: descaling water rinsing → pickling → water rinsing → passivation; 2, independent of the other system is disconnected the boiler, the cleaning tank, the washing pump is coupled into the boiler with a closed cleaning 4, the end of the rinse water; loop; 3, in a simulated cleaning state washing system leak check, while the boiler remove loose dirt, at the outlet of the flushing water when no visual presence of large foreign particles, the end of the flushing water in circulation cleaning tank Add "Yunqing boiler cleaning powder", the main controlling the cleaning in 3-6% concentration, temperature in the range of 50-60 deg.] C, decontamination wash cycle within the system, cleaning time 2- about 3 hours. PH measured by pH paper Timing acid value of (1/20 minutes), it was maintained at 1 or less, when the pH value is stabilized within half an hour, and purge the system without gas evolution, the pickling process ends; 5, after passing rinse water, circulating add "Yunqing passivation pre-film" passivation to improve the corrosion resistance of boilers. After concentration of the whole system is stopped mixed solution was warmed to about 60 degrees cycle, soak for 2-3 hours, the passivating liquid discharge system, the cleaning process is ended. Note: 1, this product can not be eaten; 2, process handling, operation, wear protective clothing. Packing: plastic bags: 1 kg / bag 25 kg / bag.

"Modular" boiler What are the benefits? Refers to the modular boiler many boilers are connected via joint control, parameter setting according to the heating needs a good curve, and indoor and outdoor temperature difference for the reference beat smart start segment number of the outage boiler units, automatic adjustment operation of Boiler mode. Modular boiler widely used in residential district heating and hot water, as well as industrial production and other aspects. Two or more after the joint control device boiler, the boiler can adjust the number of operating according to user needs. Such as residential homes in different seasons need to be adjusted to regulate the supply temperature according to the number of operating boilers, industrial production with different assignments quarter adjusted number of operating boilers and boiler affect the number of other factors. The term "module" is equivalent to split into a plurality of monomers large boilers small boilers, by simply connected in parallel with the number of tons of steam to achieve the desired amount. Such boiler design has several advantages. 1, each boiler spare each other, running stability and security will be improved. When a boiler unexpected fault, other boiler can be replaced immediately, the adverse effects to a minimum. 2, more economical operating costs. As users demand the boiler can be increased or decreased at any time using the number of units, flexible regulation, more fuel costs. 3, boiler room less demanding infrastructure, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs. Multiple combined control boilers generally use and volume, are small boiler, the boiler room is less demanding, can be adjusted according to the size of the boiler room. Therefore, this type of boiler is more suitable for boiler renovation and expansion project. Fang soon have "Thalia", "He Lide," "Willy sharp" and other series of commercial small boilers, matching flexibility based on user demand, if you have questions or are interested in modular boilers, then, It can be obtained directly through the contact details on the website and contact us, and please feel free to visit the factory visit.

In mid-June this year, Hebei Province issued a notice regarding the development of gas-fired boiler nitrogen oxides (referred to as NOx) governance, in order to further deepen the boiler pollution control, reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, improving air quality, will gradually nitrogen oxides exceeded boiler discharged for investigation and control work, high nitrogen oxide emissions from the original (150mg / Nm3 or above) is reduced to 30mg / Nm3. City, Hebei Province is located in the Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. to respond positively to governance EPA gas boiler NOx reduction, and led the way, three of the company's existing 15 steam tons / hour (t / h) gas steam boilers for low-nitrogen emissions transformation.

Our boiler systems feature the latest in emission-reduction technology such as microprocessor-based gas and air pre-mix, thermal reduction, and flue gas recirculation. The result is cleaner, more efficient fuel usage and significant operating cost savings.