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kerosene shale fired steam boiler

In a number of bidders, the party quickly ready gas water tube boiler with its unique advantages of low nitrogen come out on top; the low nitrogen gas water tube boiler has the following advantages. 1, boiler factory ready, body welding, manufacturing completed in the factory, quality is the best guarantee to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the boiler. 2, a small work site installation, short cycle, the boiler body all-membrane wall structure, effectively reduce heat loss boilers, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3, boiler furnace, convection and rational use of two-pass arrangement flue gas velocity, effective control of the flue gas resistance, no fan, lower operating power consumption, energy saving. 4, micro-pressure combustion, the boiler to prevent the air leakage phenomenon, to effectively control exhaust excess air coefficient, reducing heat losses, improved boiler efficiency. 5, with forced water circulation system, the flow rate of each process are selected in accordance with the recommended standard upper limit value, to ensure that the cold boiled heating surface does not occur too, causing water hammer or squib; preventing sedimentation oxygen corrosion and impurities in the water, to avoid heat boiler accident damaged surface;? burner flame, gas overpressure or low pressure, 15 kinds of safety warning and fault protection device leakage protection, gas, comprehensive guarantee safe operation of boilers;? intelligent integration operation control system, with touch-screen operation Dual purely manual control buttons and functions.

And condensing boilers generally use clean energy such as natural gas as a fuel, has great environmental protection. In addition, the condensing boiler also has other advantages, with a look. A modular operation more simple design using a condensing boiler combined into a plurality of sections of the design pattern, the mounting structure is simple, the use of flexible and convenient. Simply refers to: split the original single large boiler dry N plurality of small boilers. This design allows the boiler by the number of "simple parallel combination" may reach the size of any single boiler, so many users choose this status condensing boiler to replace the various types of heating and hot water boilers. Second, to reduce maintenance costs condensing boiler heating system boiler, including its internal control system and automatic gas control system, no working system can achieve a high degree of artificial effect, greatly reduces the labor costs. And condensing boiler through continuous optimization of design, process design condensing boiler, matching equipment level to a new level, to enable them to better serve the industrial production. Third, due to the smaller footprint smaller storage capacity of a condensing boiler, the temperature of heat up very quickly, only a few seconds, without generating excess heat loss. And because of its small storage capacity, so that the condensing boiler smarter structure, small volume, light weight, even if it is placed in the roof is also very convenient. And the use of condensing boilers can also save investment investment.

Selection of special bath of hot water boiler heating season gradually approaching recommendations, bathing and heating boiler market slowly open to expansion, then buy the bath boiler making, should take into account those points? Here Xiaobian take you to do a simple understanding . Generally in the bath, where a boiler, one bubble pool, one shower head, and perhaps also for heating, then depending on the application, the chosen metrics will naturally have more or less of a difference. For example, bubble pool can be divided into high, medium and low temperature scale; the number of shower heads also affect their selection. Therefore, Xiao Bian that during selection, it is necessary to ask a professional sales team, to the specific circumstances of the boiler installation site investigation and detailed accounting data, perhaps, and then choose how many would be more close to the actual number. When making the selection, of course, in addition to the actual site where the boiler is installed considerations also need to consider the condition of the boiler itself, such as air consumption of the boiler, the thermal efficiency of the boiler operation, and the nitrogen oxide emissions of the boiler, and the actual configuration of various auxiliary boilers, etc., which is more crucial step in the boiler selection process, the tonnage + high quality, reasonable configuration + running high thermal efficiency, safe and stable, it can be described as a more in line with bath standard dedicated hot water boiler. Therefore, in the selection process, the time to consider the long-term interests, must pay attention to these good request it and pay attention.

Second, the low investment costs

If you want to reach a lot of coal-fired boiler in the use of environmental standards, need to configure ancillary equipment soot blowers, dust, slag removal equipment, fuel drying, etc., this is not a small investment costs.