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Is there a difference between a hot water boiler and a hot air stove? Gas-fired hot water boiler is one of the boilers. It can be used in the heating of household and enterprises and institutions by burning hot water and circulating and cooling hot water to achieve the effect and purpose of heating. Hot blast stoves, which are heated by heating air, can be used in workshops, breeding and planting heating, or drying. Therefore, by their definitions, there is a clear difference between hot water boilers and hot air stoves.

Exhaust heat loss factors determines the size of the three: the exhaust gas temperature, excess air coefficient, and the cold air temperature. Wherein the excess air ratio of gas boiler is a major factor. Excess air ratio is too large a tremendous waste. A lot of cold air into the furnace inside, first reducing the temperature of the furnace, combustion conditions become unstable, but also increases the flue gas volume, increased heat losses. Calculations show that when the excess air ratio is increased to 3.0 from 2.0, heat losses to 4.5%. While increasing the drum Fan burden, so power consumption increases. In order to improve the gas boiler thermal efficiency, we must pay attention to and raise awareness of the serious dangers for the high excess air ratio caused by combustion in the regulation strictly control the excess air ratio, which is currently heating industry in areas often overlooked.

Necessity Henan low nitrogen gas boiler combustion gas boiler several solutions Henan low nitrogen emissions, reducing NOx emissions monitoring data to improve air quality in recent years show a greater proportion of the typical characteristics of excessive contaminants appear PM2.5 long seriously overweight and regional situation, to improve ambient air quality is facing enormous challenges. Domestic and international research and management experience shows that regional PM2.5 pollution control is a very difficult system engineering, must be analyzed on a consolidated basis, we propose targeted control measures in order to effectively alleviate the region PM2.5 pollution. PM2.5 including primary and a secondary discharge section two generating particles, Beijing, for example, a high proportion of secondary particles, particularly PM2.5 weight ratio of the secondary particle contamination significantly increase over regular time periods. There are observations indicate heavy contamination with environmental changes PM2.5 NOx concentration exhibits a strong correlation, characterized in that changes in synchronization. Henan NOx gas boiler is an important precursor PM2.5, two roles in the formation process: First, the reaction of chemical components NO3- are important secondary particles; second generation photolysis chain reaction O3-, increased oxidative atmosphere, there is provided a SOx, NOx and oxidation SO42- NO3- the oxidant. California CAMQ use simulation models to cut NOx emissions once the impact of PM2.5, the result is every tonne of NOx emissions can be reduced by about 0.13 tons PM2.5. Beijing's latest research results show that the secondary particles is the main contributor to PM2.5, and there is a marked increase compared to 2000, mainly composed of water-soluble ions (53%), crustal elements (22%), organic matter (accounting 20%) and elemental carbon (3%), other unknown elements about 2%, and NO3- / SO42- ratio between the rising trend. Water-soluble ions to SO42-, NO3- and NH4 + based, the sum of the three (SNA) PM2.5 accounted for nearly 50% of the ratio of the average concentration contribution SNA is the main cause of PM2.5 pollution. Therefore, to reduce the emissions of NOx gas boiler Henan is an important task to improve the air quality of the environment.

November 27, Cape of Good Hope Hotel in Shanghai, boiler industry event - China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Industrial Boiler Branch of a member of the Seventh Conference was held. Industrial boiler industry, announced the list of the most influential brands of Congress, fast boiler with excellent product quality and leading technology standards, the participants in the boiler of 131 companies come out on top, to receive this honor. This honor is in the field of industrial boiler industry's highest honor, the boiler is full recognition of the other fast tireless efforts of the past two decades. Meanwhile, the Group Chairman Mr. Lu Haiqing industrial boiler industry also won the "outstanding figures" the honorary title, was elected vice chairman of the General Assembly for the branch of the boiler.