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kroun boiler

Compared with a conventional kroun boiler, a condensing boiler at the innovation of condensing boilers into the market once it is widely used in many industries is the main energy-providing device. Compared with the traditional conventional boiler, a condensing boiler whether it is energy-saving and environmental protection, safety performance and service life have been like a leap of improvement. Fast boiler for everyone to explain, condensing boilers innovation place on the traditional boiler, and for everyone to make a comparative analysis of all aspects. 1, the exhaust gas temperature is more prominent energy saving conventional boiler is typically around 230 deg.] C, high-temperature heat generated in the water after fuel combustion, flue gas is discharged with a large amount, the thermal efficiency is typically only about 80%. While the condensing boiler flue gas temperature is reduced to 100 deg.] C or less, full recovery of the latent heat sensible heat portion of the flue gas and water vapor, to increase the thermal efficiency of 105% or more, very energy efficient. 2, more secure life because conventional boiler design failure of the critical parts of the burning room, heat exchangers, etc., combined with elements of domestic bad water quality, gas quality, resulting in the boiler can not be reached using several life planning needs; and the number of life using condensing boilers ( 25 years up and down) because it is revolutionary work, compared with the traditional boiler, the number of life increased dramatically. 3, scale processing technology is more advanced conventional boiler in order to improve heat transfer efficiency, typically the size of the fine selection of heat exchangers, water pipes not only fine, and the thickness of the pipe is compressed to a minimum limit, which is causing a serious question - pole easy to form scale, which is the primary reason most fireplaces obsolete. In order to deal with the scale (the biggest killer of conventional boiler) problems, most customers have monogamous water softeners. And because the choice of a new condensing boiler burning hot mix, use a large water pipe system, you do not have to worry scale questions. This is the place innovation compared to conventional boilers condensing boilers because of ultra-high energy efficiency condensing boiler and heating professional results, are now widely popular business units. These are fast boiler gives you a summary of three condensing boilers and conventional boilers contrast, hope can help you better understand the condensing boiler.

The picture shows the fast kroun boiler processing plant located in the plain areas, plus catch up period is for a residential area of ​​Beijing for the production of low concentration of nitrogen product water tube boiler heating in winter, as scheduled in 2018 to ensure that heating at the same time, to meet the 20 mg / m require extremely low emissions of nitrogen oxides, Beijing air emission standards applicable to other regions 30 mg / cubic meter.

It is a full-automatic, horizontal type, internally fired, three pass, packaged natural gas kroun boiler. The boiler contains pressure parts, base, package and heat preservation, platform escalator, valves, meters and accessories, front gas box, back gas box, economizer, electronic control system and others.

Gaz than steam kroun boiler should be how to calculate? Q: gaz than coal-fired steam boiler coal calorific value multiplied by a simple algorithm efficiency boiler steam is then divided by this simple calculation does not assume that the heat of the boiler efficiency of 80%, coal calorific value 5500, whether the amount of steam generated a ton of coal can be calculated as follows * 0.8 = 5500/600 = 7.3, ie: gaz ratio of 7.3 can be calculated simply, is this right? A: According to your argument: the amount of steam a ton of coal produced, commonly referred to as the evaporation rate of the fuel, commonly known as steam coal ratio. The calculation formula is: base received low calorific value of coal is then divided by multiplying the thermal efficiency of the boiler (steam heat feedwater minus heat). You said above is correct.