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Historical Review

ZBG is a pioneer in Indonesian boiler manufacture, design and engineering. Through ZBG’s in-house manufacturing facilities, boilers and all complimentary components such as fans, travelling grate stoker systems, tubular air heaters and pollution control filters are produced internally. This contributes to keeping costs competitive as well as facilitating the fast replacement of parts and therefore minimal downtime for customers.

Fast Boiler Co., Ltd. is a really truly think about your clients practical solutions to business problems, this recommendation after this water-tube boiler brand 8t supplier kyrgyzstans put into use, the quality inspection departments, the nitrogen oxide emissions, soot and other indicators They are in line with national standards, but also very full of fuel combustion, high thermal efficiency, saves us a lot of fuel costs. This cooperation, I am very satisfied. --customer feedback

Gas boiler brand 8t supplier kyrgyzstan room to prevent the leakage of natural gas in the design and construction of gas boiler room should strictly be designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB50041-1992 "boiler room design specifications" of the design by having a qualified professional design and design units and construction units have qualified and construction, the boiler room in the design and construction stage more standardized, to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent leakage of natural gas. Daily gas boilers, boiler room need to always pay attention to whether the abnormal situation of natural gas, observe the following methods can effectively ensure the safe use of gas. First, establish and improve the boiler room of the safety management system and gradually establish a "gas boiler room safety rules", "gas hot water boiler accident handling procedures," "safe production responsibility system", "mobile inspection system", "prevent electrostatic hazards ten regulations "," prevent poisoning, suffocation set out in Article "," fire safety inspection system "," fire and explosion ten ban "," safety regulations "," operating procedures "," equipment maintenance system "as well as all staff positions responsibility system, strengthen boiler safety management room. Second, to strengthen security education and training to strengthen the fireman fireman safety education and training, fireman improve security and emergency response capabilities. Third, the use of scientific methods and existing detection equipment to detect potential leaks, take early preventive measures 1. In accordance with the sense of smell and hearing inspection personnel to determine the gas leak occurred, because it is lighter than air, will soon gather in the room an upper portion, the main component of natural gas is lighter than air, methane gas placed upon the user to identify tetrahydro thiophene, up to 1% as long as the amount of leakage, the user will smell the rotten egg smell. 2. soapy soapy water with a watering can detect sprayed to the site to be detected soapy water with a brush or brush portion to be detected to observe whether the soap bubble is determined whether there is a leak, the leakage amount is determined in accordance with blisters and initiated rupture time the size of. 3. detection equipment to detect the use of more advanced handheld gas detection instruments. Fourth, the installation of gas leakage alarm detection system 1. The installation of gas leak alarm in the high boiler-room, alarm and monitoring systems linkage. 2. When a natural gas leak alarm test value reaches a predetermined value, while monitoring audible alarm system to start the boiler room ventilation fans, staff can find the leak in a short time depending on the value of each alarm is displayed and in a timely manner and Gas Company the relevant departments to contact for repairs. Fifth, strict security operation 1. To strengthen fire safety management to prevent fire, people who enter the boiler room with fire is strictly prohibited. In the boiler room to be put to use welding, gas welding operations, strict examination and approval procedures according to flare up work, to take all necessary precautions during construction job shop full-time security officer and the principal leaders in the field to monitor. Boiler room prohibit any flammable materials and debris piling up. 2. The anti-static explosion protection measures annual ground line static grounding and lightning protection device and an electrical device for detecting natural gas pipeline, to ensure good fire and explosion safety device, electrostatic and lightning can be released in a timely manner; Explosion-proof lighting, pressure gauge and other explosion-proof electrical equipment. Sixth, the boiler combustion regulation and monitoring the operation of the boiler combustion regulation can not be too fast, to prevent the boiler flameout, gas leak in the furnace and flue; fireman personnel in the boiler running, focus on monitoring and preventing gas leakage and automatically turn off the burner.

The main steps of boiler brand 8t supplier kyrgyzstan pressure test: As already mentioned, the importance of water pressure test for boilers. When, a major step pressure test, pressure test under what circumstances this is there are a lot of techniques and skills.