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To continue to improve air quality and protect people's lives and health, Hainan Province, issued a "Hainan Air Pollution Prevention Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), a clear implementation of the total coal consumption control system, and gradually reduce the amount of coal consumption, phase out existing coal-fired units. "Regulations" since March 1, 2019 into effect.

"Regulations" put forward specific requirements for coal and other energy pollution control.

A prohibited import, sale and burning of coal does not meet quality standards; prohibited the import, sales do not meet standards of quality petroleum coke; prohibition of burning petroleum coke. Above the county level department in charge of market supervision and management need to be strengthened coal, petroleum coke quality management, from time to time on coal, petroleum coke quality sampling.

Second, the people's government above the county level market supervision and administration departments shall, jointly with relevant departments in charge of the environment, industry and information technology, etc. According to China's Hainan Province and the relevant provisions to strengthen the supervision and management of boiler production, import, sale, use, etc., do not compliance with environmental standards or requirements shall not manufacture, import, sale and use. Phasing out coal-fired boilers. Existing clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces, low NOx combustion should be completed within the prescribed period of transformation of the people's governments above the county level department in charge of the ecological environment. New clean energy such as natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces and other facilities shall pollution control measures such as the use of low NOx combustion.

Third, the central heating has been implemented for the work (production) business park, a ban on new construction, renovation, expansion of decentralized heating boilers, heating boilers should be dispersed in the original city, county, autonomous county people's government department in charge of market supervision prescribed period in the demolition; work not yet implemented central heating (production) business park has heating demand should be in the city, county, central heating implementation as soon as possible within the time limit prescribed Autonomous County people's government department in charge of market supervision and management, and removal of the original dispersion heating boilers.

About harm scale industrial manufacturer of non ibr boilers which harm scale industrial boilers which (1) the temperature of heating surface endanger safe operation of the boiler, shorten the life of the boiler water temperature of the furnace is generally higher than 6 ~ 10 ℃, but there are scale , leading to sharp increase in the temperature of the heating surface, will creep to overheating, increased corrosion of high temperature oxidation processes may cause metal deformation, bulge, or even rupture blasting; dirt layer acidic or alkaline substances, it is easy to corrode metal equipment safety, shorten its life, seriously affecting the stable operation of the boiler. (2) reducing the thermal efficiency, increased fuel consumption due to the thermal conductivity of only a few one-tenth scale steel, boiler heating surface scum resulting in reduced thermal efficiency, resulting in increased fuel usage. The data show that, when a surface junction raw 1mm scale, a 10% increase in fuel consumption; when the scale thickness of 3mm, about 25% increase in fuel consumption. Increased fuel consumption, will increase air pollution, which is the current energy conservation is contrary. (3) increased maintenance costs, environmental pollution if the boiler frequently produce large scale, in order to ensure its safe and stable operation of cost-effective, it would need to take timely and effective measures to deal with, or mechanical descaling, or chemical cleaning, a lot of manpower and resources will increase loss, produce a variety of charges. In particular, chemical cleaning, will produce a large basic or acidic wastewater, improper handling will cause serious environmental pollution.

Szs structural features and gas hot water type water tube manufacturer of non ibr boiler of a hot gas pipe sz series of drum water boiler waterwall convection bank smoke condensate recovery chamber and the fuel combustion furnace, the flue gas convection bank into the chimney flue gas condensation recovery. Slight positive pressure of the fuel combustion in the furnace, high temperature flue gas enters the flue turn back along the furnace tube bundle, through pre-compression into a second cigarette bundle 180 enters the second bundle. After the convective heat transfer, flue gas emissions into the atmosphere. A corrugated structure with full combustion furnace, the flue gas only enhance the disturbance, increased radiation heat transfer area, increases the rigidity of the furnace, effectively reduces the expansion stress of the hearth, increase the heat transfer effect. It also promotes the combustion of fuel in the furnace, using a pre-expansion, all welded, expanded advanced technology, both to prevent corrosion of the pipes a gap, but also improves the welding strength, using threads having a high heat transfer coefficient of smoke tubes improve convective heat transfer. Reducing the exhaust gas temperature, the thermal efficiency of the boiler increase. Features szs type gas hot water boiler 1, reasonable structure and layout of the boiler, the boiler can be assembled 10 tons shipped. 2, a large number of heating zones. Boiler heating area, an output; 3, advanced PLC control system, clear, practical. 4 ,. using advanced imported burner, fuel burn rate, reduce the cost of enterprise economy. 5, the structural design of the boiler is reasonable, low requirements for the construction of the boiler room, boiler selected according to the actual conditions, reduce procurement costs.

25tSZS natural gas steam manufacturer of non ibr boiler steam boiler price how much how much the price of natural gas 25tSZS 25tSZS price of natural gas steam boiler how much? Currently tonnage gas steam boiler szs type are great. Tonnage are generally concentrated in the more than 10 tons. For businesses, if the required steam quality requirements of large and high, can be used szs natural gas steam boiler. Recently, companies have to fast boiler consulting 25t natural gas steam boiler price. In this regard, fast boiler was the first to understand the actual situation of the plant. Understand After accounting data, obtained by szs plant steam boiler 25t is a bit big. 20t is to meet production. So, for the enterprise, before purchase accounting must be clear. The current price of natural gas boiler szs the models at around 2.5 million.