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cfb boilers in indonesia

How to improve the thermal efficiency of gas cfb boilers in indonesia? The main method of increasing the thermal efficiency of the gas boiler, gas boiler main saving measures taken are the following: 1 ratio control and adjust the ratio of air and fuel gas, the fuel gas to obtain sufficient combustion; = 2 should be strengthened and heating furnace. heat pipe network to reduce unnecessary heat loss, which is generally used in the boiler room way; 3. strengthening treatment, and prevent tube fouling drum, good heat transfer efficiency; pre-fired boiler by tail device, add some air preheater;. 4 in particular of the heat recovery condensate; 5 scientific design many heating boilers should flow back and forth so that the water should have a reasonable temperature difference; thus, it enables to improve the thermal efficiency

Flameout maintenance: avoid bombing furnace, fuel (gas) cfb boilers in indonesia is necessary to set the flame maintenance equipment, function is to monitor combustion conditions within the furnace. By the flame monitor and control equipment. The effect of flame detectors is to signal the presence or handling equipment announced the suspension of the flame.

With the operation of the water temperature and fill water into the hot water cfb boilers in indonesia, gas will continue to have precipitated workers liquor workshops furnace burden held the position of business people often turn to the purge valve exhaust. Otherwise it would accumulate inside the air duct, the air plug formed even affect the normal cycle and the water heating effect.

To further reduce emissions, improve air quality, the Shanghai Municipal Government put forward the views of accelerating the implementation of small and medium sized cfb boilers in indonesias mentioned standard transformation of the urban area. Details are as follows.

As of 2020 before the end of September, the city mentioned standard transformation is completed with small boilers. Among them, the city center before the end of 2019 to complete the transformation mentioned standard, to Shanghai, "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" (DB31 / 3872018) requirements, to encourage compliance in advance.

In January 2018 - September 2020 period, complete boiler mentioned standard transformation and acceptance, discharge standards under the "50%, 75%" and other major conditions of the city's small and medium-load boiler unit.

City, District, together, support the implementation of fiscal policy. Giving special one-off subsidies, municipal and district levels in line with the financial support of the above-mentioned range. Specific binding transformation of the former boiler capacity and completion time, be supported in accordance with the following criteria: