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Buy hot water boiler needs to pay attention to what: hot water boiler is mainly used for domestic hot water or heating, commercial cooking and food processing. In the selection and purchase of hot water boilers, note three main technical parameters of boiler power. With these data, we can clearly understand the standards and the ability to supply hot water boiler products. Hot water boiler power relationship between the input power and the cost of hot water boiler heat boiler means provided in unit time. It can be expressed in calories or kilowatt kilowatts or megawatts MW.

Handan: Before the end of October to complete the transformation of more than 10 tons of steam gas boiler burning low nitrogen

A few days ago, Handan City issued "on the deadline to complete the nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance" (the "Notice"), clear objectives, tasks nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler, expected to be completed more than 10 steam tons of gas before the end of October this year, low NOx combustion boiler reconstruction. "Notice" to the objectives and tasks of nitrogen oxide gas boiler control, time requirements, safeguard measures have been clearly defined.

First, the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions

By the end of June 2020, the existing non-electrical gas steam boiler, hot water boiler, Stoker stoker furnace and completed the transformation of a low nitrogen combustion, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides reach 5mg / m³, 10mg / m³ , 30mg / m³, the new gas combustion boiler synchronizing means and is mounted low nitrogen meet emission standards. 20 tons of steam / hour or more gas-fired boiler installation atmospheric pollution automatic monitoring facilities, and networking with the environmental protection department, install a distributed control system (DCS system). 20 t steam / hour to be mounted gas-fired boiler exhaust gas nitrogen oxide analyzer.

Second, the phased completion of the task of transformation of governance

10 before the end 2018, to complete the combustion of the transformation Boilers nitrogen over 10 tons of steam, to complete the 1-10 tons of steam (having a steam tons and 10 tons of steam) combustion transform low nitrogen gas boiler before the end of October 2019, 2020 at the end of 6 before completing the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion gas steam boiler 1 ton. Counties (cities, districts) according to the actual situation, to be completed in advance of nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler.

Third, both subsidies and penalties

"Notice" requirement for acceptance of project management, to give appropriate subsidies comprehensive financial subsidies to control air pollution. Due to the unfinished task of governance be ordered to stop production of governance. For excessive emissions, fraud, unauthorized outage environmental protection facilities, waste-water treatment snuck issues such as rectification and punishment according to law; wrongdoing, be held criminally relevant personnel.

Why boiler pressure tank, and the role of large-scale boilers to use compressed air: the boiler, in the following learning process, in the form of questions and answers will be used to carry out, because that is what we all hope for, so the site can familiarity product on deepened, and at the same time, to increase the expertise in this area. Therefore, I hope that we can be taken seriously and carried out so as to have good results, in order to firmly grasp the knowledge and correct application, thus, make their own benefit. 1. boiler feed water, which is part of the water power plant it? Boiler feed water, which is part of the power plant of the water, so on this issue, that the answer is yes. Further, in the plant, will generally focus on the water plant is provided, i.e. of the water plant for the production of desalinated water for replenishing the boiler, the boiler so that the normal operation and use.

2. Expert firing system with high efficiency cyclone

3. Improved boiler efficiency up to 90% and advanced desulfurization process